5 Things To Consider When Planning A Home Extension

5 Things To Consider When Planning A Home Extension

04th September 2019

Home extensions can give you and your family additional living space and can increase the value of your property. Plus, they are much cheaper compared to buying or building a new home.

Home extensions are one of the more difficult home improvement projects you can undertake. If you’re planning one soon, it’s important to do some thorough planning first. This is a crucial step in making your project successful.

To help you get started, below are the five things to consider when planning a home extension.

1. Your goal for the home extension

The most important thing is to determine the reason for your project. What do you want to achieve? Do you need a larger living area? Do you want to create additional rooms?

By figuring out your reason for the project, you’ll know the type of home extension that you need. It could be a semi-detached extension or an additional storey. Whatever it is, knowing exactly what you want will make planning a home extension easier and more effective. With this information at hand, you can proceed to design the extension, or have a professional designer do it for you.

2. The project budget

Just like with any home improvement project, you need to consider the budget when planning a home extension. After getting the design ready, consult with a builder about the scope of the work necessary and how much it would cost, including the building materials, permits, and labour cost. From this information, you can determine the estimated budget for the project.

You might be tempted to opt for cheaper materials to lower the cost of the project, but don’t! Certain building materials may cost more, but are of higher quality which will end up giving more value to your property.

Once you’ve determined the working budget for the home extension, don’t forget to account for unforeseen costs and add an extra 20 percent to cover unexpected expenditure.

3. Living arrangements and family discussions

A property extension can cause inconveniences to your entire household. There will be a great deal of dust and noise during the construction process, not to mention safety risks for your kids. Because of these, consider moving to another home while the extension is being built. 

You must also take into account the strain it will bring to your relationships and personal life. So, make sure to discuss with your family the time and effort that the project will require from each member of the family. Make sure that everyone is on the same page to guarantee the success of the home improvement project.

A other and father each holding a child

4. Set realistic expectations

When planning home extensions, never set unrealistic expectations or you’ll just be disappointed. Right from the beginning, ask the designer or architect for a good picture of what you can achieve with your project. Also, define a clear time-frame of the construction process so you know when to expect project completion.

Setting realistic expectations before the project begins will allow you to appreciate your new home better once it’s finished.

5. Find the right builder

A home extension project is not an easy feat. It requires plenty of patience to get everything right. That’s why it is best to get the services of professional builders when doing a home improvement project such as a home extension.

When planning for a home extensions, find a builder who has years of experience in construction, renovation, and improvement of properties. Most of the time, this type of builder is more reliable and have the expertise to ensure that your home extensions are done in high-quality and on time.

Your home is one of the biggest investments in your life, so make sure to choose  an expert builder who you can trust to lead the success of your home extension project.

Home Extensions with Renovare

These considerations will help you make an effective plan in preparation for  a successful home improvement project. Make sure to do your due diligence and research all aspects of home extensions to ensure that you’ll do everything correctly. More importantly, remember to choose only a reliable and expert builder to help you, just like Renovare.

Renovare is a building company that specialises in premium home improvements. Our team of expert builders will help you achieve what  you’ve always dreamed of and make your current property the best one you’ve ever had.

For home extensions and renovations in Queensland, call Renovare today at 1 300 049 516 or enquire online.

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