Four Good Reasons why you should consider moving out during a renovation

Four Good Reasons why you should consider moving out during a renovation

16th April 2018

The scope of a premium renovation has the potential to disrupt normal family life. Here we’re talking about renovations involving extensive remodelling of a major part of the home that are much more disruptive to family life beyond a relatively simple single room renovation such as a new kitchen or bathroom. In fact most larger renovations are so extensive that it is impossible for anyone to live in the home while it is being transformed.


Here are four reasons why you’ll most likely want to move out during your renovation:

1. No other option!

In many cases the renovation will be so extensive that there is simply no other option but to move out. Depending on the renovation there may be no available accomodation or living spaces or cooking or sanitary facilities. In this instance you have no other choice but to move out for the duration of the build.

2. Comfort

No doubt you have a busy life and a family whose comfort and safety you value. In this case the all round most sensible option is for you and the family to move out – even if you think you could possibly live in the house during renovation – don’t! You don’t want to put your life on hold for the three to six months that the renovation will take.

3. Safety

Major renovations can pose a health and safety risk especially for younger family members. Open voids, scafolding, power tools, cranes, dust and noise are just some of the dangers on a renovation site. Access to such building sites needs to be carefully controlled to avoid accidents and injury. Your Renovare builder will be happy to take you on guided tours of your home to check progress as pre-arranged points during the build.

4. Reduce Stress

Removing yourself physically from the renovation places some distance between you and the project. Being continually onsite during a renovation can cause unecessary stress for both you and the building team. It is far better and safer to make regular visits accompanied by your builder so you can be kept abreast of progress. You have engaged Renovare in part for the expert project management they provide so it makes sense to get value for money and let the experts manage the process.

So what alternative accommodation options are there?

In order of preference:

1. Take a holiday for part or all of the build duration

This is a great option especially if you are due a holiday. With the latest communication apps you and your building supervisor can be in regular contact without missing any important decisions regarding your project.

2. Rent

A short term lease of six or three months is usually adequate for most renovations. If you can negotiate casual lease terms all the better.

3. House sitting

If you can swing a house sitting gig during your renovation you can save significantly on rent. Possibly the best and most economic option if you can arrange it.

4. Stay with others

Not everyone’s cup of tea but if this is possible and stress free for you then this is a very cost-effective option.

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