About Renovare Chermside

About Renovare Chermside

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Renovare in Chermside

Cameron brings to the market a local builder that customers can feel comfortable in dealing with. He wants to create a culture where people find him and his staff highly approachable, professional and easy-going.

Chermside is an up and coming suburb with a lot of young professionals living in the area that want to have families and enjoy a home that they can love living in and focus on their careers.

As a result there is a lot of house-raising and extensions happening in the area so that people can make room for their growing families. In Queensland most of the living is done outside, so people enjoy creating wonderful outdoor living areas where they can entertain.

Generally the types of homes you can find in Chermside are older houses which are on concrete stumps or brick piers. They tend to have shiplap cladding and tiled roofs.



After starting a school-based apprenticeship as a carpenter at the age of just 15, Cameron got to the stage where he enjoyed being at work more than at school. For this reason, he made the decision to leave school early to chase his dreams to become a carpenter.

Once he finished his apprenticeship, he realised he wanted to do things differently and so started his own business contracting to builders. From here, Cameron decided to get his builders license so he could put his own mark on providing a better service.

Cameron looks forward to one day being able to start his own family with his wife and future business partner Gabby. They share the same interests of fishing, being outdoors, camping, and socialising with friends and family members. Their aligned goals are to set their family up to be able to enjoy a full, happy and comfortable life.

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A builder with a broad skill set

Cameron found his passion for building when he was 14. At this age, Cameron helped his dad build their family home near Bribie Island.

During the time Cameron spent working with his dad on their family home, he really noticed that he enjoyed building which led to the decision for him to start a school-based apprenticeship as soon as he turned 15. Cameron has now been in the industry for nearly 15 years and in this time has had experience on a broad range of projects from residential new construction to commercial work, but has always enjoyed renovation building the most.

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