Laundry Renovation Planning Tips & Advice

Laundry Renovation Planning Tips & Advice

18th January 2019

When planning a home renovation, the laundry area probably ends up on the bottom of your list. This comes as no surprise considering its size and location in relation to the other rooms in the house. It makes sense to put your money and effort into renovating the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom – the most utilised areas of the house. But if you think about it, the laundry room is one of the most used areas in the house so it may be worth considering a much-needed laundry makeover.

Fortunately, laundry renovation doesn’t have to be as expensive as renovating larger rooms in the house. By covering the basics of great planning and practicality, you’ll be able to give your laundry a functional remodel without spending a fortune.

Tips for Planning and Budgeting

As with any home renovation, careful planning and budgeting will pretty much lead to the success of your project. Here are some laundry renovation tips that will help you save some cash:

Find A Strategic Location

If you have the option of relocating the laundry to another area of your home, make sure to pick a strategic location. The best place for the laundry would be on the ground level, in an area that has instant outdoor access. This way, you’ll have an easier time reaching the clotheslines outside your home.

It’s also beneficial to position your laundry in a well-ventilated area with lots of natural light. The air flow and light will prevent mould and mildew from growing, despite the amount of moisture that laundry rooms usually have. Lastly, a well-planned laundry area may give you the possibility of installing laundry chutes to make things more convenient for you and your family (you can dream, right?).

Get Your Flooring Right

Upgrading the flooring is a must be included in your laundry renovation plan. Aside from the aesthetic factor, you need to find a type of flooring that will function well for a laundry room. It should be water-proof, non-slip, and can withstand the moisture around the room. The flooring must also be tough and durable to handle the amount of activity on a daily basis.

Some good options for your laundry room floor are vinyl and ceramic tile floorings. These materials are also massively convenient because they are easy to clean and are available in a wide variety of designs.

Maximise Your Laundry

Beautiful laundry with storage

When renovating your laundry room, think of how you can utilise the entire space. List down other chores or activities that can be accomplished in the same room. Some examples of other jobs that can be completed in the laundry area are ironing and folding of clothes. The room is also the perfect location for storing cleaning supplies and equipment. And though not ideal, the laundry area can also be the alternative place for hanging clothes to dry, especially when it’s raining outside.

Just make sure to detail all the functionalities you wish your laundry room to have in your renovation plan so you can buy the required equipment, appliances, storage and fixtures.

Estimate the Renovation Cost

Having a rough estimate of the total renovation cost will help you set aside a budget and find the required financing sources. Your budget should include the costs for materials and fittings like the flooring, sink, tapware and lighting to name a few. If your existing washing machine still works fine then it’s one item off your list. But if yours is old or not working so great anymore, upgrading to a newer model could be a good idea.

Determine the scope of your renovation. Will you rearrange the fixtures? This means an additional cost to move the plumbing and electricity lines. Are you planning to make use of the laundry area for storage too? Then you will have to account for the cost of new cabinets.

Search online or ask local vendors for prices of materials and equipment. Once you get a good estimate of the renovation cost, set your budget and contingency money to finance your renovation.

Laundry Renovation Ideas

If you haven’t formed a complete renovation plan just yet, below are some ideas and tips that may help you decide what to do with your laundry.

Make It Bright And Airy

To help prevent mould and mildew from growing inside your laundry, you need to brighten up the entire space. Make sure that there are windows to allow natural light and fresh air to come in. It’s also a great idea to paint the room with light and bright colours to help reflect the sunlight during the day or artificial light during the night. Pick a paint that is mould-resistant to help. Lastly, make sure to install an extractor fan to help remove the moisture inside the room.

table with plants and picturesCreate An Inviting Space

The laundry is not usually a room where family members want to spend time in. Aside from the fact that doing laundry is a chore, there’s nothing really inviting about the laundry! So how about changing this notion for once?

You can easily create a more inviting space by adding a bench where people can sit down and browse through the phone or tablet while waiting for the laundry. Alternatively, you can include small stools and a table for more functionality.

Design-wise, take advantage of decorative tiles to avoid making the room too plain. Add a splashback to complement a new sink and repaint the cabinets. Small changes like these will help make the room look brighter and more appealing. And if you want to literally breathe new life into the room, consider adding small potted plants. Other interesting decors we’ve seen over the years include adding unique vinyl arts to the walls.

And who knows, the features you choose to add might even encourage family members to want to do the laundry!

Prioritise Your Safety

Don’t forget your family’s safety when planning and executing your laundry room renovation. As a matter of fact, you should make it a priority when designing the room.

First, the laundry area must be away from most used traffic paths inside your home. This will protect your family from the danger of slips or trips from clutters of laundry items.

Second, all hazardous laundry products should be out of reach from children and pets. This also goes for electrical outlets and water taps.

Lastly, make sure that plumbing and electrical wiring are properly installed without defects. If not, water leaks combined with loose wiring may cause serious accidents. Closely inspect everything in the laundry room after the renovation project to ensure everyone’s safety before using it again.

Renovate Your Laundry with Renovare

Your laundry renovation will go smoother with these planning tips and renovation advice. A DIY project may be a good option to save money on renovation costs but only if you are skilled in construction work. If mistakes are made, it could end up more costly in the end.

To ensure a job done right from start to finish, hiring professional help is your best move. Renovare has a team of home renovation experts that can turn your plans into your dream space without breaking your budget. Operating in Toowoomba, Hervey Bay, Mt Gravatt, Brisbane (Chermside) and the Gold Coast, contact the team at Renovare today to discuss your renovation ideas.

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