Luxury Bedroom Ideas

Luxury Bedroom Ideas

09th August 2018

For many people, the bedroom is a private getaway, a place to unwind, and most importantly, get some rest. For this reason, It’s no surprise that we place great value and detail in decorating this room compared to other rooms in the house. And rightly so, if you value your rest, then it’s worth investing a little extra to make this space as comfortable as possible. Here are some luxury bedroom ideas to help you get started in creating your perfect bedroom.


1. Gold Elements

Adding gold elements to this simple white and dark colour scheme creates an elegant detail that instantly feels luxurious and isn’t over the top. The golden pillowcases, lamp, drawer pulls, and artwork above the headboard are subtle accents that finish and complete the room.
Luxury Bedroom Ideas Gold Elements


2. Geometric Walls

Add a geometric pattern to a single wall of your bedroom, usually behind or above the headboard for a modern design feature that creates interest while maintaining elegance.
Geometric Patterns in Bedrooms


3. Strip Lighting

Strip lighting is often made up of LED strip lighting and can be recessed or hidden behind elements to provide softer lighting and accentuate lines, particularly around the ceiling. Consider stip lighting if you going for an ultra modern look.
Strip Lighting


4. Black & White Minimalism

The simplicity and elegance of this bedroom is designed to clear your mind and create a peaceful space. The green of the plants add a subtle freshness and the art piece adds a touch of interest.
Black & White Minimalism


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