If you had to renovate only one part of your property to increase its overall value, always go for the kitchen. You don’t even have to do a complete overhaul. Just a few specific upgrades can raise your property’s...

A renovation is a great way to upgrade your property’s aesthetic to fit your current lifestyle better. This is also a good time (or excuse!) to include new technologies in your modern home to make daily living more convenient...

For many people, the bedroom is a private getaway, a place to unwind, and most importantly, get some rest. For this reason, It's no surprise that we place great value and detail in decorating this room compared to other...

At Renovare we use a simple three question formula to help understand your requirements and design the very best renovation solution for you and your family. Budget The amount of money available to spend on your renovation is perhaps the single...

Almost anything is possible when using innovative building techniques, modern materials and outstanding design. With any renovation you do face certain constraints in terms of the existing site and building and the extent to which you can make use...

The scope of a premium renovation has the potential to disrupt normal family life. Here we're talking about renovations involving extensive remodelling of a major part of the home that are much more disruptive to family life beyond a...

Renovating your home is one of the most exciting endeavours you will undertake. You have the chance to make your old home feel like new and make some serious improvements to the way you and your family live. But...

From concept to handover, we help you achieve your goals with superb design and cost-effective ease.


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