Small Kitchen? Here’s How to Maximise Space

Small kitchen

Dreaming of a roomier kitchen but a full-on renovation is not possible? Don’t worry! Knocking down walls isn’t the only way to create a bigger kitchen.

Here are 7 ways to maximise the space of the kitchen you have now.

Find a Better Layout

The layout is probably the most important factor that affects kitchen space. It determines not only the general look and foot traffic of the room but also the amount of space you can utilise.

So, find a kitchen layout that is most appropriate for small spaces. For small rectangular rooms, you can create a galley kitchen layout while a broader room can be a peninsula kitchen. Both these layouts will help maximise the kitchen space. They will allow you to create plenty of storages while maintaining good functionality and pleasing aesthetics.

Maximising space in small kitchens

Invest in Storage Solutions

Creative storage solutions are magic to a small kitchen. Think of various ways to store kitchen items that will take less room. One good example is a drawer with vertical utensil holders, which can hold more compared to an ordinary kitchenware drawer. Pull-out racks and organizers are also some excellent storage options.

Consider every space in the room as a potential place to add cupboards, shelves, and drawers.

Consider Open Shelves

Don’t let that space that’s usually out of your reach go to waste! Install open shelving on the upper wall of your kitchen and use it to store small items and voila, more storage space and instant decoration! Easily reach this new space by using a small step stool that you can hide under the sink when not in use. And also make sure not to put heavy items on the hanging open shelves to avoid any accidents.

Customise the Joinery

Another way to maximize space in your kitchen is to have customised joinery. You can have it cover an entire wall from the floor to the ceiling to make the most of the space. It can also be made to fit your kitchen appliances like the oven, range hoods, microwave, the fridge.

When talking to your contractor, make sure to give the specifications of these appliances so they can be fitted to the joinery flawlessly.

Go for Smaller Appliances

This might be an obvious thing, but it’s worth a reminder, nevertheless. Don’t pick large appliances because they’ll take most of the space. Maximise your small kitchen instead by going for those with two sizes below so they can fit in nicely with your joinery or room corners. It will also help to buy appliances that do multiple functions so you can save more space for storage.

Maximise your Kitchen Island

If you have a centre island, make sure to put its use to more than just being an additional countertop. Install drawers and cabinets so you’ll have more storages to use. A good way to maximise the extra space under the kitchen island is to make the drawers shallower. This will enable you to create several layers of storage space.

Improve the Lighting

Aside from making your small kitchen roomier, you can also make it look larger by simply installing excellent lighting. It should brighten up all corners of the kitchen, including the space under the sink, the walkways, and preparation area. If it will take multiple lighting fixtures, then do it as well. Spending a little extra on the lighting will definitely pay off once you see its effect on your kitchen.

Renovate Your Kitchen to Maximise Space

These tips will help you make out the most of your small kitchen. So, go ahead and start planning for a kitchen renovation today. Enlist the help of professional renovators like Renovare to ensure that you’ll achieve the best result of your renovation project.

Call Renovare today on 1300 049 516 or contact us online and let’s discuss how we can maximise space on your small kitchen.

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