What are my options for renovating?

What are my options for renovating?

16th April 2018

Almost anything is possible when using innovative building techniques, modern materials and outstanding design. With any renovation you do face certain constraints in terms of the existing site and building and the extent to which you can make use of this. And of course there is always the budget to consider.

Working within constraints is something your Renovare builder is very comfortable with. In fact, reasonable constraints can actually help by setting clear limits for the design process which helps encourage clever design.

In choosing your best renovation option you need to consider what suits you and your lifestyle, what is possible and what will add the most value to your home. At Renovare we spend the first part of the project working closely with you to clarify your goals and turn your dreams into workable plans.

Here are some of the most common renovation options available to Australian home owners. These are generally not hard and fast categories since many of these techniques are combined to achieve the renovation’s goals.

Raise and build under

This is a tried and tested option for many Australian houses, in particular older Queenslander type houses. The results can be stunning and will effectively double the floor area of your home. This option opens up great possibilities for two storey living, strengthens the home and gives added street appeal.

Interior reconfiguration

In this renovation the existing building exterior is retained but the key components of the interior structure are radically transformed making better use of space, light and views.

Add a storey

If space is tight on your block then one of the best renovation options is to build upward. This usually involves removing the roof of the home, adding structural support elements and then building above the existing dwelling. The elevated second storey can provide great views and improved cross-ventilation on hot days.

Add an extension

If you have plenty of land surrounding your home then extending your home is always a good option. One advantage of a lateral extension is that it keeps the home on one level saving the need for stairs.

Combining techniques

Older dwellings can be given a new lease on life using selective demolition, adding floors or extensions. Key structural components of the house may be retained to serve as a framework for the final renovated home, sometimes bearing little resemblance to its previous self.

These are just a few of the renovation techniques that can be used to add style and value to your existing home. They can be combined in many different ways to achieve the perfect balance for your lifestyle.

If you are considering options for your next renovation, talk to the premium quality renovation experts here at Renovare. Contact us today or call on 1300 049516.

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