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Renovare offers quality carports and garages to match your home. Built-in full compliance with strict government regulations, our carports and garages can be customised to suit your home, no matter the style. Whether you need a tandem carport for multiple vehicles, a multi-door garage or a detached garage that doubles as a storage unit, our skilled garage and carport builders can build the perfect unit. Contact Renovare on 1300 049 516 to chat with a carport builder today.

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More Storage

If you have a garage, you can use the carport to house your vehicle and your garage as storage space. Or if you have multiple vehicles, building a carport gives you more room instead of leaving a car uncovered on the driveway.

Add Value to Your Home

If your home doesn’t have a garage, building a carport will make it much easier to sell in the future and can even add to the value of your home.

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Versatile Design 

There are many different types and styles of carport available, with the most common being:

Single carport

A simple carport design for one vehicle, constructing using four pillars and a roof.

Double carport

A carport for two cars that can be customised with blinds to enclose the space.

Attached carport

A carport is attached to your home and integrated into the design.

Freestanding (detached) carport

A carport that isn’t attached to a building (commonly used on large properties).

Tandem carport

Like a double carport, except the space is vertically long to allow for one car parked in front of the other.

Chat to Renovare carport and garage builders today to see which carport design works best for you.

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Benefits of Garages

Keeps Vehicle more Secure

A garage offers the ultimate security for vehicles, as it can effectively protect from harsh weather elements, potential theft, and vandalism. Some home insurance providers may also factor in whether you have a garage and charge a premium for homeowners who don’t.

Protect Curb Appeal

Having a vehicle parked in front of your home has the potential to detract from your home’s curb appeal or cause your home to look cluttered if you have multiple vehicles. Enlisting the help of a garage builder can create a place to store your vehicles and allow for a cleaner and less obstructed look of the front of your home.

Image of the outside of a big house with spacious garage


A garage offers utmost convenience, especially when it comes to bringing groceries in or navigating your way through rainy weather. This not only saves you time but will make your life a lot easier too.

Protect Your Vehicle from Harsh Weather

A garage will protect your vehicle from rain, hail, and extreme heat, which can all take a toll on your vehicle in time. If you live in a hot area, having a vehicle stored on your driveway can cause issues with the paint and cause seals to crack, as well as making it unpleasant to enter your vehicle.

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Extra Storage

A garage not only offers space for your vehicle but storage space as well. This is especially important if you have a large household, as a home can easily become cluttered with various household items. Contact Renovare carport and garage builders today to see how you can create a hybrid storage space today.

Expert Carport and Car Garage Builders

Looking for carport and car garage builders Australia wide? Contact Renovare today by calling 1300 049 516 or via our online form and one of our builders will be in touch shortly.

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