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Looking for experts in kitchen renovations? Renovare works with you to create the kitchen you’ve always wanted. By transforming your existing kitchen into a modern, practical, and beautiful space, you will not only increase the value of your home but also enhance your lifestyle with an improved kitchen!

Whether you are looking to give your kitchen a simple facelift or do a complete renovation, add more storage space, or modernise your fixtures and appliances, Renovare can help make your kitchen dreams a reality. Whatever your dream kitchen design may be, our kitchen renovations experts will go above and beyond to deliver beautiful results you’ll cherish for years to come.

How Kitchen Remodelling Works

Renovare follows a three step process that guides the journey toward transforming your kitchen into something stunning. For stress- and hassle-free kitchen makeovers, contact Renovare today.

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01. Concept

Let’s find out your goals and discover more about how to transform and upgrade your existing kitchen with an innovative and practical design during the concept stage.
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02. Approval

Here our Brisbane renovation builders work with you to transform concepts into a working plan, along with any required documentation or approvals, which may be needed.
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03. Build

Time to get started! Careful planning & preparation transitions to a smooth kitchen remodelling with minimal stress. Renovare takes the worry out of renovation.

Out Kitchen Renovations Include

Changing the Kitchen Layout

Not happy with the current layout of your kitchen or find it too frustrating to navigate? A new kitchen layout may be needed as part of the kitchen remodelling. A weirdly configured kitchen can disrupt the flow of the space and make cooking quite the hassle. Ideally, a well designed kitchen should centre around three main elements – the sink, the stove, and the fridge, also known as the ‘kitchen work triangle’. This simple design element can vastly improve the efficiency of a kitchen and make the space more enjoyable to cook in.

Cosmetic Facelift

A kitchen cosmetic face lift involves changing or updating kitchen pieces without reconfiguring the layout. These kitchen makeovers typically include changing the cabinetry, fixtures and fittings, and kitchen islands. If your kitchen’s style needs updating or the paint and woodwork have begun to chip and fade, a cosmetic makeover is a cost affective way to breathe new life into a kitchen.

Kitchen Upgrade

At Renovare, we understand that full kitchen renovations can be quite expensive, which is why we offer several upgrade options to make your kitchen feel brand new again. If the structure of your kitchen is sound but it’s looking a little dull, updating key features in your kitchen can make all the difference. This might include upgrading hardware, installing under cabinet lighting, swapping cabinetry for open shelving and more.

Kitchen Makeovers

Looking to update your kitchen? Our expert renovators have decades of experience in the industry and have worked on homes ranging from townhouses and apartments, to Queenslanders and bungalows. No matter the style, scale or size of kitchen, our kitchen remodelling experts deliver quality work that is sure to impress. You can take a look at some of our past projects in our online gallery or find your nearest Renovare builder renovator online to get a quote and get started on your kitchen remodelling today.

Who is Renovare?

Renovare is a building company specialising in premium home renovations.

Renovare builders are highly experienced and passionate home renovation builders who are more than capable of tackling any kitchen renovations as well as many other home renovation projects, from bathrooms to bedrooms, home extensions and more.

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Renovation Resources

Embarking on a kitchen remodelling journey can be challenging. You need the right information so we’ve included some tips and advice to help you on your journey:
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