Home Office Renovations

Home Office Renovations

Transform Your Home Office Now!

As more people choose to work from home, revamping a home’s office space is becoming essential. This might include upgrading an existing office space or renovating an existing one. Having a dedicated space will not only help to increase your productivity but also add value to your home, should you decide to sell. This is why home office renovations are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing style of renovation Australia wide.

How a Home Office Renovation Works

              Renovare follows a three step process that guides the journey toward transforming your home office into something practical and beautiful.                    For stress-free home office makeovers, contact Renovare today.

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01. Concept

Let’s find out your goals and discover more about how to transform and upgrade your existing home office with an innovative and practical design during the concept stage.
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02. Approval

Here our Brisbane renovation builders work with you to transform concepts into a working plan, along with any required documentation or approvals, which may be needed.
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03. Build

Time to get started! Careful planning & preparation transitions to a smooth home office remodelling with minimal stress. Renovare takes the worry out of renovation.

Things to Consider With Your Home Office Renovations

Available Space

If you’re lucky enough to have an office space already, then this shouldn’t be a worry. But if you’re looking to add an office space to your home but aren’t sure where you can fit one, a mini office can be created by crafting a study nook. We commonly see homeowners adding dedicated office areas to their lounge rooms or bedrooms – or even under the stairs!


When it comes to creating a home office, you’ll want to figure out what elements you need for a productive study space. This might include more than one desk, a dedicated meeting area or good lighting if you find yourself doing lots of video meetings.


Undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of a study area is storage. The last thing you want is a disorganised mess because you don’t have anywhere to put all your things. Luckily, with home office renovations, you have the option for gorgeous storage solutions and shelving – clunky, metal filing cabinets need not apply.


Now for the fun part – what style of home office renovations do you prefer? If your home is more traditional and styled with moody hardwoods and dark hues, a Victorian style office complete with a large wooden desk might be your style. Or perhaps you love the minimalist look, with floating shelves and simple, soft lighting?

Sound Proofing

If your home is located in a busy area, or you have bustling household, you might want to consider reinforcing the sound proofing of your office space. This can include installing noise reduction windows or getting acoustic wall panels to absorb outside sound.


Often overlooked, proper lighting is one of the most important elements to factor into your home office renovations. As you’ll likely be working many hours in your office, it’s best to avoid strong, fluorescent lighting. Custom lighting can help you to avoid eye strain and help make the environment more productive and enjoyable to be in.


Did you know different colours can make you feel different emotions? Blue, for example, is great for productivity and focus, whereas red invokes emotion and passion. If you’re planning on creating the ultimate home office, be sure to speak with a designer to help create the right workplace energy.

Why choose Renovare for your home office renovations?

At Renovare, we’re committed to transforming houses into homes our clients love and cherish for years to come. With customer service and quality craftsmanship always at the forefront of our minds, you can rest assured that renovation work conducted by Renovare is crafted in your vision. If you’re looking to revamp a tired office space or create a dedicated nook in your home, contact our home office builders for a chat today.

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Ready to get started with your office renovations?

If you think your office space is in need of a little TLC, you can contact our renovation builders by calling 1300 049 516 or by finding your nearest franchise to get started with office renovations today.

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