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For all our common questions, check below. If you have a specific renovation question, please feel free to contact us.

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Renovare is a building company specialising in premium renovations.

Renovare has a close relationship to the team that builds the beautiful Stroud Homes across Australia and New Zealand. You will benefit from this relationship in many ways including:

  • Proven customer satisfaction systems that were first developed at Stroud Homes will be applied to your project.
  • Your Renovare builder will be able to access the buying power of a national new home building firm which obviously helps to deliver a competitive contract price
  • Design Expertise: Your Renovare builder will be exposed to the latest trends in new homes so that we can help you achieve the best style both inside and out.

Renovation is a great option for people who love where they live but have outgrown the older home they currently live in while also boosting the value and street appeal of your home.

Renovare’s mission is to streamline and demystify renovations, helping you make considered choices, hit every milestone, enjoy the process and love the outcome. Your Renovare builder is an expert in renovation and is backed by systems and processes designed to ensure your happiness.

Renovare specialises in premium home renovations for customers looking to transform their existing home without changing the address. The renovations we specialise in typically involve extensive remodelling of the home which can include extensions, additional floors, lift and build under options or any combination of these techniques.

The budget for a home renovation depends on a range of factors such as the scope of the renovation, quality of fittings and materials used and labour costs to name a few. Renovare specialises in premium renovations that transform whole houses, so the budgets for these types of renovation will tend to be more than simple single room renovations such as bathrooms and kitchens. Talk with a renovation professional from Renovare to start the process of setting a manageable budget for your renovation.

Renovare comprises a group of highly experienced, licensed builders who are passionate about renovation. When you engage with a Renovare builder you will be working with a local builder who knows all the ins and outs of working with your local authorities and building suppliers.

New Renovare builders are joining us to help our customers create the homes they’ve always wanted.  Find current builders using the link below or use the region selection link in the top left of any page.


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