Who is Renovare?

Renovare is a building company specialising in premium renovations. Renovare is the renovation division of Stroud Homes so you can have confidence that your build will be handled with care and craftsmanship.

Why should I renovate?

Renovation is a great option for people who love where they live but have outgrown the older home they currently live in while also boosting the value and street appeal of your home.

Why should I renovate with Renovare?

Renovare's mission is to streamline and demystify renovations, helping you make considered choices, hit every milestone, enjoy the process and love the outcome. Your Renovare builder is an expert in renovation and is backed by systems and processes designed to ensure your happiness.

What kinds of renovations does Renovare specialise in?

Renovare specialises in premium renovations for customers looking to transform their existing home without changing address. The renovations we specialise in typically involve extensive remodelling of the home which can include extensions, additional floors, lift and build under options or any combination of these techniques.

How much will my renovation cost?

The budget for a renovation depends on a range of factors such as scope of the renovation, quality of fittings and materials used and labour costs to name a few. Renovare specialises in premium renovations that transform whole houses, so the budgets for these types of renovation will tend to be more than simple single room renovations such as bathrooms and kitchens. Talk with a renovation professional from Renovare to start the process of setting a manageable budget for your renovation.

Who will do my renovation?

Renovare comprises a group of highly experienced, licensed builders who are passionate about renovation. When you engage with a Renovare builder you will be working with a local builder who knows all the ins and outs of working with your local authorities and building suppliers.