At Renovare we want to ensure your bathroom looks and feels new and fresh for as long as possible. There are several tips and tricks which will help to increase the longevity of your newly renovated bathroom.
A fourteen-year-old home gets a new lease of life thanks to the Renovare Chermside team. Join Gabby for a walkthrough of some of the main features of this North Lakes renovation.

Australians love to spend their time outdoors during the summer. The lovely warm evenings are perfect for hosting parties, barbecues with the family, or simply being alone for some much-needed downtime. If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor...

When renovating or extending, the most exciting part is choosing what style and finishes you want. This can be difficult when you are faced with so many options. Flooring can be very tricky to decide on, as each option has both benefits and drawbacks. Depending on your project, some flooring options may not be ideal or possible and this guide will help to determine what is right for you!

The kitchen is the heart of any home, whether it's owned by people who love to cook, or just to eat! And like any other part of the house, it can suffer the ravages of time and need an...

One way to breathe new life into a dull yard is by adding a deck. The addition of an outdoor living space greatly improves not only your property value but also your lifestyle. If you are feeling unsure about this...

How long have you been employed? A decade? Maybe more? At this point, you should be happy with the career you’ve built for yourself. If not, then it could be the right time to try something else - like...

There’s no getting around the high temperatures during summer time in Queensland, and we can expect this season to be just as hot as last year, if not worse. Even staying indoors can be very uncomfortable if your home isn’t...

Airbnb has turned itself into a household name in a matter of a few years. This online marketplace for vacation home rentals is one of the most important tools for travellers and holidaymakers around the world. Now a decade...

However much you loved your home when you bought it, there will come a time when you’ll fancy a home improvement. Many Aussies are renovating their homes to great satisfaction. Some to increase the value of their property, and...

From concept to handover, we help you achieve your goals with superb architectural design and cost-effective ease.


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