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Granny Flat Extensions

Looking to add a granny flat to your home? If you own an older home such as a Queenslander and think there’s enough space for a granny flat below, enquire with Renovare today to arrange an inspection. Attached granny flat extensions can be built beside or below a home, but you’ll have to check in with the council before commencing granny flat extensions underneath a home. This might involve simply enclosing the area downstairs if the ceiling height is high enough or a raise and build under if the ceiling height doesn’t meet council regulations. Detached granny flats work similarly to building a small home and will require extensive designing and planning to ensure it blends seamlessly with the main property.

Granny Flat Renovations

Granny flats are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, as many families prefer to have their elderly loved ones with them at home instead of a retirement village. Add to that the costs of a retirement home and the unfavourable outcome of upheaving all life’s belongings to a strange new place, and it’s easy to see why granny flats are gaining new ground as the latest and greatest household extension. If your property is large enough to accommodate one, granny flat renovations are a wonderful way to involve the entire family and add significant value to your home. It also doesn’t necessarily have to be a home of elderly parents either, with granny flats being regularly used as a teenage retreat or haven for guests.

Depending on the size of your property, a granny flat may be detached and on a separate part of the land as its own dwelling or attached to part of the home – which is especially popular for Queenslanders.

Here at Renovare, our granny flat builders have extensive experience renovating tired granny flats and adding home extensions that families love. Taking into consideration the stringent council rules and regulations and zoning laws, our granny flat builders design, plan and build a dwelling your loved one will enjoy for many years to come. This includes attached and detached granny flats and renovation and extension projects.

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The Renovare 3 Step Process

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01. Concept

At this phase, our granny flat builders work with you to conceptualise an idea of the kind of granny flat you’d like to add or renovate. This may include whether you’d prefer a detached or attached dwelling, and getting an idea of the style, size and layout of your granny flat.
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02. Approval

Our team of architects and designers will then formulate a home layout for you to approve or offer suggestions on. At this stage, our team will also ensure all council regulations are met and approvals are signed off.
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03. Build

After plans have been approved, our granny flat builders will commence on building a granny flat your family will love. No matter if the granny is far off your property or right next to your home, our builders will ensure the process is as least disruptive as possible.

Premium Granny Flat Renovations Queensland Wide

The builders at Renovare have decades of experience in the building and construction industry and strive to make each renovation project smooth and stress-free. Whether you require granny flat extensions to expand your living areas, or granny flat renovations to modernise your existing space, our licensed builders will make the entire process simple and rewarding using our proven 3 step process.

Our granny flat builders can’t wait to work with you. Contact our home renovation builders today by calling 1300 049 516 or by connecting with us online and we’ll get back to shortly.

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