House lifting and re-stumping

House lifting and re-stumping


Stump failure is common, and there are a few things that can cause this including:

  • A combination of age, and wear. The older a home is, the more wear it will have endured. Considering older homes usually use hardwood timber or concrete for stumping, this will generally deteriorate with age – timber will expand and shrink continuously depending on humidity and moisture, and the concrete may rust or become compromised causing changes in the foundation.
  • Depending on the house positioning, there may be soil changes and erosion causing the foundation stumps to ‘sink’ (think of a house built at the bottom of a hill where there is constant moisture in the soil).
  • Pest infestations such as termites may cause the timber to rot.
  • Surrounding vegetation such as trees with deep and long roots may compromise the stump foundations.

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