How to Renovate for Airbnb

How to Renovate for Airbnb

11th November 2019

Airbnb has turned itself into a household name in a matter of a few years. This online marketplace for vacation home rentals is one of the most important tools for travellers and holidaymakers around the world. Now a decade old, Airbnb is worth $38 Billion and hosts around 2 million people every night.

Airbnb is also a great platform for property owners to make extra money by turning their rooms, flats, or houses into short-term rentals. In Queensland alone, more than 28,900 properties were listed in Airbnb last year and each host earned an additional $5300 income for renting out their properties.

Clearly, Airbnb is popular with holidaymakers in Queensland. To those who own a property in Noosa, Cairns, Gold Coast, and Brisbane; you’re in luck. These are the top destinations in Queensland for Airbnb stays. So, if you haven’t thought about it yet, maybe now is the time to start making money out of your property by renting it out on Airbnb.

Transforming your property into an Airbnb rental

Ready to make a profit from your spare room or property? Then you might need to start with a renovation. Don’t worry, you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make your property stand out among Queensland listings. Here are some budget-friendly ways to renovate for an Airbnb:

Add comfortable beds

Whether you’re listing a two-bedroom cabin in Noosa Hinterland or a studio apartment in Surfers Paradise, it must have comfortable beds where tired holidaymakers can crash in nicely. After a long day of exploring and enjoying outdoor activities, expect your guests to want a good night’s sleep so a good bed is an absolute must. A medium-firm mattress is usually a great choice. This will ensure that the beds will cater to a wider range of body weights. Here’s a few more luxury bedroom ideas.

Airbnbn bedroom

Remodel the bathroom

A clean and stylish bathroom is probably the next most important feature that Airbnb users look for. When two similarly-priced flats appear on a Brisbane accommodation search result, you can trust that the property with a high-quality bathroom will get the booking.

Begin your bathroom remodelling by updating the hardware: towel racks, shelves, lighting, faucets, tiles, sink, and countertops. Invest in a nice shower head, and if your budget permits, replace the bathtub to make it more inviting to Airbnb guests. Store a good number of bath and hand towels, as well as an ample supply of bath soap and shampoo. Lastly, don’t forget to make the whole space as sparkling clean as you can.

Apply some fresh paint

You’ll be surprised by what a fresh coat of paint can do to a property, especially to a future short-term rental space. If you’re not sure which colour to pick, then go for any light shade to keep the place bright and make it look spacious.

The combination of gray and beige, called “Greige”, is a crowd-favourite neutral colour. Classic white paint will also do the trick. These colours will also make your property look fantastic in photos. Talk about being Instagrammable!

When repainting your property, don’t forget to do the cabinetry in the kitchen after the walls and ceiling.

A room getting re-painted

Lay down a new flooring

Old carpets and linoleum flooring are big turn-offs to potential guests. Anything remotely grimy can lead to a negative review, which you never want. That’s why a new flooring is almost always necessary when renovating a future Airbnb. If your budget allows it, invest in hardwood flooring which is universally attractive.

If hardwood proves too expensive, wood laminate flooring is a great alternative. It offers the same aesthetics but for a lesser price. A good strategy you can apply to save money is to put hardwood only on the most used spaces of the property. Wood laminate will do for the rest.

Complete amenities

When searching for Airbnb rentals in Queensland, holidaymakers also place high importance on the amenities that a property has to offer. A place where they can rest, relax, shower, cook, and wash their clothes is easy to call a home away from home.

The basic amenities that you must include are TV, heating and AC, workspace, closet and storages, fire extinguisher, smoke detector, parking space, and WiFi access. Complete kitchen and dining sets are also important. If you can add appliances like washing machine, dryer, iron, coffee maker, microwave, hairdryer, and refrigerator to the list, then guests will surely be delighted.

Redecorate the space

Unless the space you’re planning to rent out was constructed or decorated recently, you’d probably need to redesign. Creating a new look that will stand out among vacation rental homes in Brisbane will secure you more bookings and better guest ratings. Find inspiration online or in home decor magazines, pick a theme or style that best suits your location.

For beachfront properties, go for something tropical. Do you plan to rent out a cabin near national parks? Then a rustic interior design is more appropriate. And if you’re targeting travelling professionals to rent your city apartment, then a minimalist modern design should do the trick.

When redecorating, think about getting a comfortable sofa with accent pillows, as well as some nice freestanding furniture. Good looking window drapes, rugs, centerpiece bowls, paintings, and other decorative accessories will also help achieve the design your aiming for. Lastly, install some new light fixtures to brighten up the place and highlight its awesome new design.

Renovate for Airbnb with Renovare

These budget-friendly ways to renovate for Airbnb will help create not just a good vacation rental space but one that will garner you amazing reviews, 5-star ratings, and a Superhost status.

To ensure that your renovations will be successful and to avoid any renovation mistakes, its best to get help from professional builders like Renovare. Our experts can help you make the right decisions about the changes in your property and execute them to create the best results.

Enquire online or call Renovare today at 1 300 049 516 to create a cozy and stylish Airbnb rental home in Queensland.

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