Don’t overlook one of the hardest-working spaces in the home!

One of the most overlooked rooms in the home, and especially when it comes to renovation, is the laundry. There are so many incredible ideas and solutions now available, and laundry renovations could be exactly what your home needs!

Though doing the washing isn’t anybody’s favourite task, a nice laundry room can make all the difference. Gone are the days where a laundry only consisted of a freestanding tub or sink and washing machine (likely located in the garage or outside). 

In fact, laundry room renovations are starting to become just as thought out as kitchen and bathroom renovations. 

Today, there are many things to consider if you’re wanting a visually appealing and smart functioning laundry, including:

Our experts in laundry renovations have many years of experience!

Our experts in laundry renovations have many years of experience renovating laundries and work together with you to create a laundry room that is beautiful and functional. After discussing with you your needs of the space and plans for the future, our designers and builders will draw up a laundry plan for you to approve before beginning work on your new dream laundry. We only use the best quality materials and fittings, so it stays looking perfect for years to come. No matter the size or complexity of the project, our team of laundry room renovations experts will transform your ordinary laundry into a beautiful new space you’ll enjoy being in. You might even look at creating a European Laundry, by combining your kitchen and laundry space or create a hidden laundry, complete with a set of pocket doors. Whatever the style, Renovare laundry upgrades experts have got you covered.

Laundry Layout
The most practical and visually appealing layout for laundry room renovations would be similar to that of a kitchen, with generously sized cabinets and ample bench space to complete all of your tasks. Making the best use of the space would also include fitting overhead cabinets or shelving for more storage, and to keep your launder and cleaning products hidden. There are many great options when it comes to laundry sinks as well, why not consider a deep farmhouse style sink or modern stainless-steel sink. For minor laundry renovations, our laundry room upgrades can be custom-designed to fit around your existing appliances.
Clever Storage

The storage solutions in the modern day are not only well thought out and extremely practical – they also look great! From ironing board cupboards (or drawers) to full-length cupboards for brooms, vacuums, and mops. You could also install separated drawers for clothes that need to be laundered, labelling them coloured, white, and dark. Or, if you’re looking to make the best use of your space, hidden laundries offer a neat and compact solution for smaller homes or apartments. If space isn’t an issue, you can even opt for a built-in ironing board!

Hanging Racks

We have all experienced a time where we have ironed numerous clothes, only to find that in the laundry there is nowhere to hang them. Why not consider a hanging rack to place freshly ironed clothes as a simple solution? When it comes to laundry upgrades, built-in hanging racks, clothes airer’s and ironing boards give you that extra bit of space and take the hassle out of setting up and packing away.

Clothes Airer

The ideal way to dry your clothes is outside on the line, or in a good quality clothes dryer. There is however the odd occasion where clothes may need to be dried inside on an airer. This is something that you can easily install in the laundry to fold out which also won’t take up much space! A clothes airer built into a laundry also provides an incentive to use it instead of the dryer, which is great for the environment and energy bills as well.

Appliance Upgrade

Technology has come a long way in a short time when it comes to washing and drying machines, and there is a vast range of appliances to choose from. When it comes to investing in a clothes dryer, the best option you can consider is a condenser tumbler dryer that will collect the moisture from your wet clothes in a separate container. This is important as, without this, the moisture may cause condensation in your laundry and lead to mold growth and proliferation. We can help you choose the right appliances and offer custom laundry design fitting solutions to accommodate your choices.

Renovare Are Experts in Designing Laundry Renovations

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