Laundry upgrades

Laundry upgrades


Laundry layout

The most practical and visually appealing layout for a laundry would be similar to that of a kitchen, with generously sized cabinets and ample bench space to complete all of your tasks. Making the best use of the space would also include fitting overhead cabinets or shelving for more storage, and to keep your launder and cleaning products hidden. There are many great options when it comes to laundry sinks as well, why not consider a deep farmhouse style sink or modern stainless-steel sink.


Clever storage

The storage solutions in the modern day are not only well thought out and extremely practical – they also look great! From ironing board cupboards (or drawers) to full-length cupboards for brooms, vacuums and mops. You could also install separated drawers for clothes that need to be laundered, labelling them coloured, white and dark.

Hanging racks

We have all experienced a time where we have ironed numerous clothes, only to find that in the laundry there is nowhere to hang them. Why not consider a hanging rack to place freshly ironed clothes as simple solution.


Clothes airer

The ideal way to dry your clothes is outside on the line, or in a good quality clothes dryer. There is however the odd occasion where clothes may need to be dried inside on an airer. This is something that you can easily install in a laundry, to fold out which also won’t take up much space!


Appliance upgrade

Technology has come a long way in a short time when it comes to washing and drying machines, and there is a vast range of appliances to choose from. When it comes to investing in a clothes dryer, the best option you can consider is a condenser tumbler dryer which will collect the moisture from your wet clothes in a separate container. This is important as without this, the moisture may cause condensation in your laundry and lead to mould growth and proliferation.

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