Questions to Ask Builder Before Signing Contract

Questions to Ask Builder Before Signing Contract

16th July 2021

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating the inside of your existing home, or extending part of the house, it’s important that you hire a builder that you know you can trust and rely on from start to finish. Asking questions early on in the process can save you from potential building delays, unforeseen financial issues, and other hiccups along the way. Whether a builder provides you with the right information upfront, it’s always okay to double check with additional questions.

If you’ve been searching “questions to ask builder” and are struggling to know what the correct questions are to ask, look no further. We’ve collated a list of relevant questions that you can ask any builder before signing off on a contract.

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Questions to Ask Home Builder

Are you licensed and Registered?

Hiring an unlicensed builder may seem like a financially viable route to take, however, with an unlicensed builder comes zero protection in the event something goes wrong. If you ask a builder whether they are licensed or registered, don’t just take their word for it, check online to confirm for yourself.

Are You Fully Insured?

Another one of the most important questions to ask builder renovators, along with their licenses and registrations, is whether they are insured. It’s extremely necessary that you make sure your builder has the right insurance policies such as home indemnity insurance along with worker’s compensation and general or public liability insurance. In the case of financial loss or injury, these insurances will make sure everyone is covered.

What’s Included in the Build Contract?

Make sure, beforehand, that you know what services are included in a builder’s contract, that way you can better prepare for any outsourcing that needs to be taken care of and pre-planned in addition to the building schedule. For example, the service location of utilities under ground in conjunction with concrete slabs being laid.

Do We Have to Pay Upfront?

Double check whether the builder will expect you to pay the entire fee up front. During the building process, it’s usually better to set progress payments so that you can pay for each specific service once it has been done. This way, you’re safe from losing out on any money depending on unforeseen circumstances.

Do You Have Examples of Recent Work?

Always ask to see a builder’s recent or past work, whether it’s in the form of an online gallery, portfolio, or even as display home’s. This will allow you to understand the builder’s technique and style and whether it suits your personal vision for your building or renovation project. Seeing a builder’s work will also allow you to see whether they use quality products and materials or not.

Where Can I Find Authentic Customer Testimonials?

In hand with seeing previous work or projects undertaken by the builder in question, it’s always a good idea to have a look at some authentic customer testimonials. This will give you an understanding of whether past clientele have been satisfied with the builder’s work and gives you the opportunity to weigh up their pros and cons (if any).

Roughly How Long Will the Building Process Take?

Depending on the complexity of your building or renovations project, the schedule in which the builder provides you may fluctuate. Not only that, but the weather can always play a part in delaying the process as well, so make sure you get a timeline from your builder, and factor in situations such as weather and allow a little more time for things to be completed.

Have You Ever Been Declared Bankrupt?

Last but not least, if not the most important questions of all questions to ask builder renovators, is if they have ever been declared bankrupt. If they answer yes, it’s time to run in the other direction and start again. A bankrupt company, whether it’s building or something else, can easily disappear with zero warning and all your money while leaving you with an unfinished project. This becomes increasingly difficult as you’re then needed to search, yet again, for a builder – but one that will finish that project that had already been started.

If you’re interested in getting your next building project started, Renovare and our trusted licensed and insured builders are here to guide you. Check out where your nearest Renovare location and get started in the process of bringing your visions to life.

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