Renovare’s Best Home Renovations – Our Top Picks

Vintage style kitchen | Renovare’s Best Home Renovations blog

Top 5 Home Renovations to Help Inspire

Sunshine Coast Central – Vintage Style Kitchen

One of Renovares most extensive kitchen renovations was completed on the Sunshine Coast, with the space boasting gorgeous vintage styled cabinetry with a statement overhead pendant that captures the recycled element of the island bench. This renovation aimed to highlight the eco-friendly additions to the kitchen, offering inspiration for those eager to create an environmentally conscious footprint inside their home.

Vintage style kitchen | Renovare’s Best Home Renovations blog

Newmarket – Retro Accented Bathroom Renovation

Nowadays, bathroom renovations are quickly advancing and becoming one of the most creative spaces within a home. This Newmarket renovation proves that your bathroom can be turned into an oasis fit to your desires. Complemented with LED lighting around the retro style mirror and textured tiling surrounding the walls, anything is possible with a little inspiration.

Newmarket – House Lift and Build Underneath for a Growing Family

One of the best home renovations Renovare can do for you includes house lifting, raising and building underneath. This process can create an incredible amount of space for growing families or those who are avid entertainers. Renovare did exactly that for this stunning Inner City 1910 era Queenslander, as well as undertaking a full house renovation, turning it into a modern abode. With the additions of a beautifully landscaped yard and an inground pool, this full house renovation and lift has given the family a home to settle in forever.

Chermside – Spacious Outdoor Deck Extension

Creating a beautiful outdoor living space can be one of best home renovations you can make to a home thanks to Queensland’s gorgeous year-round weather. A large and spacious deck, much like the one Renovare installed for this Chermside home, provides plenty of outdoor living space, great for those who enjoy hosting family and friends or just simply dining alfresco.

With the extra room for everyone to move around, you can dine in comfort no matter the weather with easy flow from the inside to the out. At Renovare, our deck builders pride themselves on creating a zone that can be enjoyed by anyone and with the added cover overhead, spending time outdoors can be done come rain or shine.

Port Macquarie – Complete Home Renovation

One of the best home improvements, we had the pleasure of working on to date was this stunning and sustainable home renovation project in Port Macquarie which saw the home keep its original brick style while adding an industrial/contemporary extension to one half of the entire residence. Sustainable living is an important aspect to the Renovare and creating a home with original charm is something our builders always strive to achieve.

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