Renovate to Beat the Heat

Renovate to Beat the Heat

21st November 2019

There’s no getting around the high temperatures during summer time in Queensland, and we can expect this season to be just as hot as last year, if not worse.

Even staying indoors can be very uncomfortable if your home isn’t built to withstand the scorching heat. Fortunately,  there are ways to make your property heat-proof and keep cool throughout the summer months — thanks to new technologies and clever home designs.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Insulate your attic and walls

Most of the heat inside your home comes through the roof, so insulating your ceiling or attic is a great first step. You can do this by installing 150mm-thick, high-performance fiberglass batts. For good measure, you can also insulate the walls with a standard 90mm batts or 75mm of polystyrene, which you can get from products like Renderlook and Insulclad.

Work on the windows

Besides the roof, other parts of the house that invite more heat inside are the windows, particularly on those that face East and West. One quick solution is to replace the window panes with double-glazed glass, which will reflect sun rays instead of absorbing them.

If your budget doesn’t allow new windows, an economical renovation option is to install window blinds or curtains to keep your interior shaded from the sun blast. Also, make sure that your existing windows don’t have holes or damages that leak cool air from inside. Repair and seal them immediately to keep your home from attracting more heat this summer.

Encourage natural airflow

If you want to avoid expensive electric bills (or a high carbon footprint!), you can scrap air conditioners and go for a home renovation set out to specifically encourage good airflow. Evaluate the position of windows and doors. Make sure that they are placed correctly so that cool air will come in and hot air will go out. If deemed necessary, create additional windows as new sources of ventilation to keep the air flowing from one room to another.

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Change your light bulbs

The light fittings also contribute to the overall heat inside your home. If you want to renovate to beat the heat, changing your light bulbs is a good way to start.

Incandescent light bulbs, particularly, turn 90% of the energy used into heat. This means that a 60 watts incandescent bulb will create 54 watts of heat. So, replace your old light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs. Both produce a lesser amount of heat and are rather more energy-efficient, particularly the LED light bulbs.

Add more fans or air conditioning

A full-fledged renovation isn’t always the answer to cooling down your space. Sometimes, what it takes is investing in tools or equipment that will actively lower the temperature inside your home. In which case, the primary option is to install air conditioners in the living room and bedrooms. A budget-friendly alternative would be to buy portable air conditioning, which you can conveniently move from room to room.

Fans are also essential to help you stay cool in hot weather. Pedestal fans will help keep the cool air circulating around the room, while ventilation fans will push the hot air out of your dwelling. Fans are also the least costly alternative to air conditioners.

Build a patio or veranda

Sometimes, the answer to beating the heat inside your home is renovating the outside of it. The addition of a patio or a veranda will block direct sunlight and prevent it from warming up your home. Secondly, it will provide shade should you want to stay outside because of the hot indoors.

Having a patio or veranda is especially useful for properties in Queensland near the coast as there is an afternoon sea breeze that will help you cool down. So if you find yourself on the beautiful Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, you’ll be able to enjoy the cool wind outside while staying under the shade the patio will provide.

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Beat the Heat with Renovare

Having a nice cool home is a great refuge during summer, and these strategies will help you create one for yourself. To make sure that your renovations will go as planned and you’ll achieve the best results and avoid any renovation mistakes, it’s also best to get help from expert builders like Renovare.

Our team of professional renovators will help evaluate your property, create the best strategy, and execute the right renovations to keep it cool.

Enquire online or call Renovare today at 1300 049 516 to create a cool home to withstand the heat, even during Queensland summer.

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