Renovating a Queenslander Home

Brisbane Queenslander ohme

A Queenslander home is one of the most iconic types of houses in Australia. Its unique architectural features are a heritage of the state’s rich history that many locals have beloved for many years. If you’re lucky enough to have bought or inherited one, you should be aware of the work required to renovating a Queenslander home.

It’s not an easy task. But with the help and guidance of the right experts and closely following this renovation guide, you can recreate the classic Queenslander look while incorporating the technologies and features of a modern home.


Queenslander homes under heritage registers are required to have permits when undergoing renovation. Make sure to get all the required documents so you’re aware of any relevant restrictions imposed by the local town planner in the area. It’s not something you need to worry about. You just need to adhere strictly to the guidelines given by the local council.

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Another thing to consider when renovating a Queenslander home is the presence of asbestos. Homes in the state were built with asbestos up until the mid-1980s and a renovation today can spread the material through air. As you know, asbestos is harmful when inhaled. So, make sure to enlist the help of a professional asbestos specialist to avoid exposing your family to this disease-causing mineral.


Most Queenslanders were been built over a century ago. So, don’t be surprised if they’ll require more work than what you initially estimated. You need to set a realistic budget with contingency money for unexpected expenses. If you need renovation finance for this project, there are plenty of lenders in Queensland that can provide you with a good loan product.

Brisbane Queenslander ohme


The heritage of a Queenslander home includes features like art decors, stained glass windows, pressed-metal ceilings, woodwork with ornamental design, and French doors. The local council heavily prohibits the removal of these pieces of history. So, make sure to speak with your architect and interior designer on how to incorporate these elements with modern architecture when renovating a Queenslander home.

Brisbane climate

Queenslanders were designed for a tropical climate, that’s the reason they are usually elevated. It will draw up cool air to even out the temperature inside the property. But Brisbane also has a cold winter season, so make sure to consider this when designing your new home. A great way to solve this problem is insulating your home so the cold air can’t get in and the warm air can’t get out.


One downside of Queenslander homes is limited storage. For instance, bedrooms were created without a built-in wardrobe. This won’t do even for small families. So, when renovating a Queenslander home, think of different ways to increase the storage space. Ask your architect how to go about creating not just wardrobes, but also some cabinets, drawers, shelves, and racks around the house.

Indoor/outdoor flow

Since Queenslander homes are elevated, people need to climb down the stairs when going out. If you want to create a better indoor-outdoor flow, you might want to consider using the space under the property as a kitchen, laundry, or extra living room that will flow seamlessly to your outdoor space.

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Queenslander Home Renovation with Renovare

Renovating a Queenslander home is a difficult task but extremely rewarding when all is done. That’s why you need to find the builders who are most experienced in renovating this type of home to ensure the success of your project. Renovare can provide exactly what you need.

We have a team of professional builders with years of experience in renovating Queenslander homes and transforming them into the best modern dwelling, while preserving the heritage and iconic style. Have a look at our previous work.

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