Renovating Your Laundry: How to Maximise Space

Renovating Your Laundry: How to Maximise Space

27th February 2020

The laundry room is often the least spacious room in Australian homes. It is also one of the least favourite given that it’s cramped, damp, and rarely well-lit. This means, that out of all the rooms in the house, the laundry is the one that needs a freshening up the most.

Here are some tips on how to best renovate your laundry and how to make the best use of the space you’ve have.

Reconfigure the space

The first thing to do is to find a layout that will maximise your laundry space. Create a floor plan with a strategic arrangement of appliances, plumbing, and electrical wiring. This will allow more room for storage and movement. A great layout allows you to move in, out, and around the room with ease.

Also, consider proper ventilation to prevent moisture from accumulating inside the room. A damp laundry room is the perfect breeding ground for moulds and mildew, which is a headache to get rid of.

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Another way to maximise the space of your laundry is by selecting the right appliances. Front-loading machines placed side-by-side will allow you to add a countertop to sort and fold clothes. Just make sure to place the washer on the left side and the dryer on the right for an easier and more convenient laundry process.

You can also stack front-loaders on top of the other to save more space. Shorter individuals may have difficulty managing this set-up however.  Pick a single machine with wash and dry capabilities for the most space-saving appliance for your laundry. These come as both front-loaders and top-loaders.

Laundry room in Australia


You can use your laundry space for other purposes than laundry if there’s enough room.  You can use them as storage of pet food and accessories. The laundry can also be the room to place your utility tools or where you’ll do the ironing. In many Australian homes the laundry room and bathroom are found in the same space.


Another way to maximise space when renovating your laundry is to install overhead cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. Here you can keep things of all sorts. Open shelves are also great additions to allow you to display fresh towels, candles, and vases. Laundry room aesthetics are also important.  Placing hooks and railings to hang clothes and other stuff will also increase the room’s storage capacity.

laundry interior

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Just like with any home renovating project, you need to allot a sufficient budget. This includes the cost of installing storage solutions, buying new appliances, and getting professional help. Make sure to add some room on your budget to cover unexpected expenses. This way, you’re guaranteed that the project will push through regardless of any surprise expenses.

Get help from Renovare

With these useful tips. renovating your laundry to maximise your space will be easier. Just ensure to plan beforehand so your effort and resources will not be wasted. If you don’t have any experience in renovations, it is best to leave it to expert renovaters, to ensure the success of your project.

For laundry renovations in Queensland, Renovare is the best renovator to call. You can check out some of our latest work on the website.

Let’s discuss the plan of the perfect layout, storage, and the dual-use for your laundry to maximise its space. Call Renovare today on 1300 049 516 or send an enquiry online so we can help you achieve your goals in renovating your laundry.

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