Small Bathroom Renovation Tips

Small Bathroom Renovation Tips

15th August 2019

Renovating a small bathroom? Don’t let the limited space prevent you from creating a room that you’ll love. There are many things you can do to make your bathroom more functional and pleasing. Below are a few tips for renovating a smaller bathroom.

An ideal small bathroom renovation should start with a well though-out layout. It’s the number one thing that will determine how spacious your bathroom will be. So be strategic about placing the toilet, shower, sink, and storage cabinets.

Choose a layout that will create a good space in the middle which will allow you to easily move around, as well as making the bathroom look roomier.

Bathroom with shower and toilet

Pick a shower over a bath

Many people love baths, but a tub takes up a lot of space. If you have a small bathroom, installing a shower will make the best use of the space. It will leave you with more room to work with, where you can place a larger sink or a useful piece of furniture.

But, if you have plans to resell your home in the future, then consider keeping the bathtub as it can add value to your home and is more in demand to home buyers.

Prioritise lighting

The absence of adequate lighting makes a room look smaller. Install good lighting, and if possible, allow plenty of natural light to come in by placing large windows. If you want to repaint the walls, white always does the trick!

Other colours may also work as long as they are light enough. Light colours help brighten up the room to make it look bigger.

Install wall-mounted storage

Replace standing cabinets with wall-mounted storage to save floor space. This frees up cramped spaces and will allow light to flow to corners of the room, making it appear more spacious.

Avoid big storage solutions because they can block the light. Narrow vanities, shelves, and cabinetry are the better options for a small bathroom.

Opt for wall-mounted taps

While we are on the subject of wall-mounting, doing the same for bathroom taps can also save you more space. Wall-mounted taps allow you to install a narrower sink, which will give you more space to move around. If you can also install a wall-hung sink or basin, then great!

Swap for a Sliding Door

Swing doors take up a lot space. The solution for small bathrooms? Sliding doors!  Not only do they save space, they also create an illusion that you have a bigger floor. Glass sliding doors are wonderful for this purpose.

Think of mirrors and tiles

Bathroom with white tiles and sing. Plants and a face mirror

Another bathroom accessory that will help create the illusion of a bigger space is a mirror. Install large mirrors wherever possible. Place them strategically to reflect light and brighten up the room.

Tiling the walls can also prettify a small bathroom.  Don’t go for regular tiles in tiny room, but rather pick larger ones to avoid a cramped feeling in a small space. 

Small Bathroom Renovations with Renovare

A small space should not be the reason for skipping the bathroom on your home improvement project. These tips should help you make the most out of the room.

With the help of renovation experts like Renovare, you can make your small bathroom look even better and more functional for the entire family.

Contact Renovare today by calling 1300 049 516 and our professional builders will help you create the best renovation for your small bathroom.


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