Different Types of Home Improvements

Different Types of Home Improvements

24th October 2019

However much you loved your home when you bought it, there will come a time when you’ll fancy a home improvement.

Many Aussies are renovating their homes to great satisfaction. Some to increase the value of their property, and others do it so their homes can match the changes in their lives.

There are different types of home improvements that you can do. Once you’re done with one, you might find it hard to stop and continue to renovate your property, whether for personal satisfaction or investment purposes. 

What is home improvement?

A home improvement project can be any renovation or addition to your property that are meant to change how your home looks or feels, or to change its function. The projects require the use of power tools, building materials, and an assortment of hardware. Depending on how complex or expensive the project is, you can either do it on your own or hire expert builders to help you.

What areas of your home can you improve?

The simple answer is everything. You can renovate your property’s interior, which includes the electrical system, plumbing, ceiling, flooring, and the walls.

You can also upgrade the interior design, which involves changing the paint, fixtures, home accessories, furniture, and appliances.

Renovating the exterior is also an option. Repairing the roofing, fitting new doors and windows, and adding a patio or veranda. Bigger home improvements could mean adding new rooms or redesigning outdoor space by adding a pool, garden, or garage.


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Different types of home improvement

A common misconception about home improvements is they are classified by the room or home area being renovated. Although most property renovations are done on various home structures, the different types of home improvement are not limited to them.

The different types of home improvement are instead based on your specific goals. Each goal has a unique reason behind it and therefore, requires different planning and strategy.


A lot of home improvement projects are centered on aesthetics. Just changing the way your home looks can feel like a big improvement! You may want to change your home’s interior design from vintage to contemporary, or from 60’s mod to something more minimalist.

Changing your home’s aesthetics involves updating paint colours, light fixtures, furniture, and cabinets. A lot of modern homes swap wooden doors and windows for glass. And if your budget permits it, you can add new technology to your home — think smart home systems. 

Bigger aesthetic changes may also include reconfiguring your home’s layout or updating the exterior.


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Repair and Maintenance

This specific type of home improvement is more practical. Repairs and maintenance work aim to make the living conditions of its inhabitants better.

Older properties with structural defects often cause discomfort, and even danger, to the people living in it. Other issues like faulty plumbing and electrical systems, roof leaks, and damaged flooring can make daily living extremely difficult.


Some homeowners improve their properties to gain profit from sale or rent. If this is your goal, you’re likely to do small projects focused on improving function like remodelling the kitchen, creating additional bedrooms, renovating the bathroom, and adding living room extensions. These will  increase the value of your property and give you a reason to charge buyers or tenants higher.

Just remember not to overdo your home improvement and drive the property value very high or you’ll risk losing potential buyers and renters.


Other home improvement projects are solely for the purpose of adding comfort or even luxury to the home. Think improving the HVAC system, soundproofing the bedrooms, and making the living area smell more pleasant.

Interior decoration changes can also increase the comfort factor of your home — adding a more relaxing couch, hanging beautiful paintings on the walls, or changing the carpeting can make your living space more pleasant.

More Space

A growing family will require more living space at some point. In which case, you’ll need to convert unused areas of the house such as the attic and basement and turn them into bedrooms or office space. If you own a large lot, you can extend your home and build additional rooms beside it.

Another option is to raise the roof further to add another level or two if you own a smaller property. These tasks are quite demanding both in terms of labour and financing but will produce the results that you want.

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Energy Efficiency

Outdated homes may have outdated features that can raise energy consumption — old appliances, less-than-efficient insulation and lighting, etc. Installing energy-efficient lightings, putting up larger windows for more natural light, buying solar panels, and adding an outdoor wood stove are some home improvement projects that can help you save energy and money down the road.


Even the sturdiest of structures can develop flaws as they age. Extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, and decades of wear and tear can make a home unsafe especially in disaster-prone areas. Fixing structural damages, adding backup generators, building emergency shelters, and installing fire sprinklers are great projects for amping up your home’s preparedness and safety.

Home Improvements with Renovare

Home improvement projects are more than just frivolous undertakings. They can be vital in maintaining a good quality of life or improving your property’s value. When done right, the amount of time and money spent on them are more than worth it. 

Homeowners with building experience can DIY smaller projects but for more complicated jobs, it’s best to hire an expert. Renovare can help you with that. You can call our expert renovators for home improvement projects for properties in Queensland.

Contact Renovare today on 1300 049 516 or send us an enquiry online and start transforming your property to the home you’ve always wanted.


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