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Last year saw some big changes in the way we live, forcing millions of Aussies to spend more time in their homes and adapting to a new work lifestyle. This has resulted in people rethinking the way they approach their home design and putting more of a focus on creating functional, habitable pockets of space throughout the home. Considering the impact of the ongoing pandemic, we thought we’d take a look at the home renovation trends 2021 we expect to see a lot of this year.

What should we expect with renovation trends 2021 and beyond?


Number one on our renovation trends 2021 list is…minimalism! More time spent at home will likely result in people having a closer look at the contents of their home – especially if it ventures on the cluttered side. A cluttered home can quickly make a person feel claustrophobic, which isn’t exactly the best working environment if a person is forced to work remotely. In addition to cutting back furniture and throwing out any unneeded items, it’s likely homeowners will start to incorporate clever storage facilities into their homes. This might include creating a laundrette in the kitchen, installing shelves along the perimeter of their bedroom walls, or adding strategically hidden television units.

Creating a home office

As working from home becomes a new norm – whether that’s a temporary or permanent solution – creating a working space is likely going to become a necessity. For those pressed for space, functional versatility will be imperative to creating spaces that double for work/life balances – such as adding a study nook in a room or installing fold away desks. This additional time spent in the home may also lead to changing colour schemes, adding in more lighting, or creating a biophilic atmosphere with plants.

House extensions

For those feeling a little pressed for space but are in no rush to move postcodes, house extensions offer a wonderful alternative. Considering the pandemic has seen a large shift into focusing on space, there will likely be a surge in people adding extensions to their home – including side extensions, raise and build under or adding in another storey. Check out some of the stunning work from the home renovations Brisbane North team in Chermside or the Renovare home renovations Sunshine Coast team and see what’s possible today!

Outdoor entertainment

Home renovation trends 2021 will likely see more people turning their homes into their very own sanctuary, which is why we believe alfresco style outdoor dining areas will become more popular. This may include everything from a deck to a patio, to enclosed verandas and outdoor kitchen spaces.

Large windows

For renovation trends 2021, it’s all about letting the outside in – and what better way to do that than by installing large windows? Large windows can help give the illusion that space is a lot larger than it really is and offers numerous health benefits too. For homeowners looking for a quick and cost-effective way to open up space, replacing small windows with larger ones offers a simple solution. Furthermore, replacing windows with larger units also provides more ventilation and lower energy costs (if you opt for energy-efficient replacements) and can even increase the curb appeal of your home, which can increase the home’s value.

Bathroom renovation trends 2021

Timber details

When it comes to bathroom renovation trends 2021, we think soft timber finishes will reign in the new year. For homeowners who have grown tired of their sterile white bathrooms, incorporating timber can give a bathroom some much needed warmth and can be as simple as adding an accent piece or a wall feature.

Kitchen renovation trends 2021

 Pops of colour

Pops of colour is believed to the top of kitchen renovation trends 2021, as more homeowners pinball between minimalism and opulence. Considering the kitchen is one of the most heavily trafficked areas of the home, it stands to reason that it deserves a little bit more life breathed into it – and what better way by incorporating splashes of colour. This can be done by adding in some colourful splash backs, going all out with the cabinetry, or installing some grandiose fixtures and fittings such as a gold-plated tap.

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