Kitchen Trends to follow in 2020

Kitchen Trends to follow in 2020

29th January 2020

The kitchen is the heart of any home, whether it’s owned by people who love to cook, or just to eat! And like any other part of the house, it can suffer the ravages of time and need an update every now and again. Anything that makes the space more functional and joyful to use is a welcome change.

If you’re renovating your kitchen this year, here are the trends to consider:

Go Natural

Forget industrial designs. Natural materials are taking over Australian kitchens. Bamboo and timber can create a clean and zen feel to your cooking space. These natural materials are timeless, versatile, and can go with any kitchen style. Plus, their raw tones warm up the space and make the kitchen feel cozy.

You can mix and match bamboos or timbers with varying finishes to add texture to your kitchen, but keep their colours neutral to maintain that raw and organic aesthetic that only natural materials can give.

Take a look at our “Kitchen Inspiration” board on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Natural Kitchen idea

Earthy Tones

Speaking of colours, this year’s colour trends are heavily influenced by nature. While white and other light colours will never go out of style, the current trend in kitchen colours is heading towards a darker palette. Experiment with forest greens and navy blues in your kitchen.

Dark and moody kitchens are a strong look that is gaining popularity in 2020. Paint your kitchen cabinets with dark colours to contrast a light wall — you’ll thank us for it. If the room’s paint isn’t light enough and you don’t want to repaint, a good flow of natural light should do the trick.

Open shelving

Open shelving makes a kitchen more organised and functional. They also make your kitchen brighter and more spacious! So if you are changing cabinetry this year, modernise your space with open shelves.

Don’t hesitate to play around with different shelving styles and positions: Hang them above the sink, or install them in room corners to maximise space. You can vary your open shelves design as well from traditional to modern, whichever is most suited to your current interiors.

If you’re looking for more clever ideas, here are 9 quick ways you can improve your kitchen.

open shelving in kitchen

Smart Storage

Seamless kitchen design is also one top kitchen trends 2020. This is all about integrating smart storage solutions for a clutter-free room space. Think about stylish pop-out cabinets or convertible counter spaces.

When choosing storage solutions, it’s important to find a system that works for the entire family. To make a small kitchen more spacious, place some extra shelves where they are most useful. One good example is placing a hanging cabinet in the blind corners of the kitchen.

Two-toned Kitchen

This popular kitchen design in 2019 will linger a bit longer and remain a great choice for Australian homes. By incorporating cabinetry and kitchen items with contrasting colours, you’ll create a captivating backdrop that will accentuate your kitchen design. A two-toned design will particularly revitalise small kitchens, making them look elegant and spacious.

The classic black and white combination is a good example. When the surfaces are white, and cabinetry, appliances, and tapware are all black; they create a strong contrast that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

two-coloured kitchen

Kitchen Renovations with Renovare

These kitchen trends in 2020 will work wonders for your home. Whichever you choose, make sure to work out something that fits both your budget and home style. To achieve this, its best to enlist the help of professional renovators like Renovare.

We are experts in building kitchens and will work with you to create the kitchen that you want. We have builders in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and Port Macquarie. Call Renovare on (1300 049 516) today, or send us an enquiry online to start your kitchen renovation journey.

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