Luxury Walk in Wardrobe Ideas

Luxury Walk in Wardrobe Ideas

29th June 2021

Are you dreaming about your ideal walk in wardrobe that keeps everything neat, organised but exudes luxury? Walk in wardrobes are a covetable addition that oozes luxury whilst keeping clutter away in your home.

The epitome of luxurious walk in wardrobes starts with how they’ve been carefully planned to the finer details to showcase your prized items. No matter how daunting it may seem at first, we’ve compiled a list of luxury walk in wardrobe ideas to help get you started.

Looking for the top walk in wardrobe ideas to complete your home? Continue reading for more.

Top walk in wardrobe tips before building:

We’ve got a few top tips before we fill you in on our favourite luxury walk in wardrobe ideas.

1.   Space and functionality

Before building and taking inspiration from our luxury walk in closet ideas, getting the size and space right is key to the success and flow of your walk in wardrobe. Your sanctuary should have order and organisation and be a functional and aesthetically pleasing space for you. Get in touch with a renovation company who can help you lay out the groundwork first to properly plan and utilise your space, to ensure that there are no missed opportunities for storage and organisation.

2.   Prioritise hanging

As mentioned before, creating a functional wardrobe is essential. Although there will be plenty of space for adding drawers and baskets filled with knick knacks, the experts in our design and renovation team insists that knowing how much hanging space you want before your build is crucial.

3.   Details

There are many different walk in wardrobe ideas when it comes to the finer details of your closet. Add your own personality and flair to your space by adding artwork, creating a focal point with lighting, or connecting your walk in robe to your room with a similar colour palette.

Interested to find out the best luxury walk in closet ideas? The Renovare team have you covered!

Walk in wardrobe ideas to consider:

Here’s our top luxury walk in wardrobe ideas that we’ve compiled to help make your renovation process easier.

1.   Minimalist

Whether you’d like all white with a modern or Hamptons aesthetic or a spacious yet simple floorplan, the minimalist is one of our favourite luxury walk in closet ideas as it never goes out of style. This has a layout this is suitable to those who have a lot of space so that their belongings can be evenly spaced out to achieve a luxurious minimalist look.

2.   Walk in wardrobe with sliding doors

If you’re struggling for space, a great solution and one of our favourite small walk in closet ideas is adding sliding doors. This helps to create a zone and a sense of more space. Add glass, mesh doors, or add some personality with a vibrant pop of colour.

3.   The extra storage walk in

There are many luxury walk in wardrobe ideas where you can create extra storage space with typical layouts. From hanging space, shelving on one or two walls, a centre space for built in drawers and mirrors on an opposite wall, this is a great design to play around with and suit your own needs and wants.

4.   The small walk-in wardrobe

When it comes to coming up with small walk in closet ideas, don’t worry about being restricted by the size you have. It can still be luxurious and elegant! Be creative and add artwork, built in shoe racks, dressers, and standout chairs along with mirrors to give the effect of a bigger space.

5.   The room within a room walk-in wardrobe

What else says luxury than a room within a room? Embrace your inner James Bond or Hollywood housewife and create an elegant walk-in wardrobe that’s organised and glamorous. Allow natural light to fully bring this wardrobe to life and add pendant lighting to keep it bright at night.

Want to find out more?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on luxury walk in wardrobe ideas. If you’re thinking about renovating your home, be sure to get in touch with your nearest Renovare renovation builders to get started with your renovation dreams today. You can contact us online or call Renovare on 1300 049 516 to chat with one of our renovation specialists today.

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