Simple Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

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Next to kitchen upgrades, a bathroom renovation is a fantastic way to boost property resale value. The project can be as simple or as complicated as you like, depending on your objective and budget. You can change the design, modernise the instalments, or even redo the whole area. It can be pretty exciting!

But like all home renovation projects, the key to a successful bathroom renovation is planning, planning, and finally executing these plans tightly.

If you’re looking for tips to help you get started with your bathroom renovation, read on.

Planning the renovation

We can’t stress it enough: the most important stage of a renovation project is planning. So here are some things you need to consider during this crucial stage:

1. Layout

Here are two things that you should look at: the layout of your home and the layout of the bathroom. By looking at the layout of your home, you may find opportunities to relocate the bathroom closer to the bedrooms. Can you convert that extra space in your home to a new bathroom? Yes? Go for it! Why? Because the number of bathrooms is an important factor for property buyers. The more bathrooms there are, the higher the home value and potential ROI.

As for the actual bathroom’s layout, find a way to increase its size. Rearrange any sanitary fixtures that aren’t currently in a very ideal position. Does the door hit the sink when you open it? Is there enough space between the toilet seat and sink? Now, if you decide to design a new layout for the fixtures, make sure to consider the position of your water and drainage pipes so you don’t have to redo the plumbing.

modern bathroom with wooden panels

2. New fixtures

A shower, a toilet seat, a sink and a toiletries holder are enough to make a functional bathroom. However, there is always added value in including new fixtures like a bathtub or a cabinet for storage which are attractive to a lot of prospective buyers. Some of the uncomplicated additions you can install are things like a towel rack and additional bathroom shelves.

3. Lighting

A great bathroom has lots of natural light. That’s why adding a large wall and skylight are great modifications to a bathroom. Artificial lighting is just as important. Consider using both overhead and face-level light sources to achieve the best lighting for the room. The key is not to position the artificial light sources in a way that will produce shadowy areas.

4. Tiles and other bathroom accessories

The flooring should also be considered when renovating your bathroom. Broken and mouldy tiles are a big turn-off to property buyers, so replacing them is always a great idea. You don’t have to put too much thought on this, just pick a tile colour and a size that fits your bathroom design as well as your budget.

For the faucet, shower head, cabinet handles and other accessories, the best choice would be those made with metal. They are durable and design-wise, metal is universally flattering with most other materials inside your bathroom.

5. Budget and timeline

Just like with any type of project, your budget and the timeline for the completion of bathroom renovation should be clearly defined in the planning stage. Research the cost for materials, equipment hire, services and additional expenses to get a good estimate of the total expenditure for the project. Set aside a budget and contingency amount for unforeseen expenses. The most important thing is… stick to your budget. Don’t splurge on luxury items.

Also, plot a timeline for all the stages of the bathroom renovation. If you can’t finance the renovation costs all at once, it’s better to take a break for a month or two so you can find new sources of funding.

Other bathroom renovation ideas to consider

Still feeling stuck with planning the renovation? Here are a few more bathroom ideas from home design and renovation professionals that you may want to consider:

  1. Experts agree that the toilet should not be readily visible when you enter the bathroom.
  2. Square is easily the most ideal bathroom shape and the more space your bathroom has, the better.
  3. Use dark-coloured tiles for the bathroom floor to camouflage hairs, dirt and smudges. Also, get ones with a matte finish to prevent slips.
  4. White is still the ideal colour for bathroom surfaces.
  5. Make the bathroom appear larger by installing large mirrors.
  6. Install lighting to make the bathroom as bright as possible.
Large Bathroom Modern Bright Design

Bathroom renovations with Renovare

Though some home renovation projects can be accomplished on your own, a bathroom renovation is ideally not one of them. It can be too big of an undertaking to try and do yourself and can be very difficult for homeowners without adequate experience with home repairs and construction. That’s why it’s a good idea to get the professionals in like Renovare.

Renovare offers premium renovations to help you transform your home or property, whether it’s for your family to live in or for profitable purposes. We have a team of expert renovation builders that will ensure the best results for your renovation project. We can provide top bathroom renovation services in Mt Gravatt, Brisbane (Chermside) and the Gold Coast, contact the team at Renovare today to discuss your renovation ideas.

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