The Best Ideas For Your Outdoor Area

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Australians love to spend their time outdoors during the summer. The lovely warm evenings are perfect for hosting parties, barbecues with the family, or simply being alone for some much-needed downtime. If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor space before summer ends, we have a few  ideas for you.

Add a deck

Extend your living area by constructing a deck. It can be the same level as your home or lower and built from either timber boards or composite decking boards. Timber boards require painting or staining while composite decking boards need very little maintenance, so choose wisely.

Here are a few more reasons why you need to add a deck to your home this summer.

To turn your deck into the perfect outdoor entertainment space, add a variety of seating options to accommodate big groups of guests. You’ll find that it’s worth it to invest in comfortable outdoor furniture. You can also add a fire pit and install a portable sound system for the best outdoor entertainment experience.

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Work on your garden

Another way to upgrade your outdoor area this summer is to improve your garden. Make sure your garden is lush and filled with blooming flowers. Bring your existing plants back to their old glory by fertilising, mulching, and pruning them. Get rid of weeds that grow anywhere near your plants as these can impede their growth. If you want more flowers, pay a visit to your local nursery and pick up some seasonal plants like Marigold, Petunia, and Impatience.
Outdoor BBQ

Set up an outdoor kitchen and dining area

No party is complete without delicious food. But instead of placing a delivery, why not whip up the sumptuous dinner yourself? Set up an outdoor kitchen to make cooking easier and place a comfortable dining set. Some great additions to an outdoor kitchen includes a barbecue grill, a pizza oven, and an outdoor bar fridge.

It would also help to install a sink outside to make up the clean up convenient. Don’t forget to have good counter space for cooking preparations and a dishwasher for easy cleaning, and your outdoor kitchen is complete.

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Light your outdoor area

You’ll be surprised at how transformative good lighting can be! To create a cozy ambience or a festive atmosphere to your outdoor space, hang fairy lights or string lights in the area. When the darkness falls, these twinkling lights will ensure that the party keeps going. If you’re looking for something more illuminating, you can install spotlights up on the trees for optimum lighting.

Install a pool

Make your outdoor space a hundred times more fun with a pool or a jacuzzi. Pools are now more affordable and easier to maintain. By adding a pool to your outdoor space, you’ll not only provide great entertainment for the kids and guests, but you’ll also be giving your family a great way to cool down during the scorching summer days. Plus, it will help increase your home’s market value, which is beneficial when you decide to sell the property.
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Upgrade Your Outdoor Area with Renovare

Now you know how to best upgrade your outdoor area this summer, you can turn it into a great entertainment space and useful extension of your living area. To help you achieve a great outdoor living space, its best to enlist the help of professional builders.

Renovare can assist your efforts to upgrade your outdoor area and offer Fixed Price Plans for all renovations. We specialise in premium renovations that will transform your home into the best living and entertainment space that you’ve always wanted.

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