Why You Need to Add a Deck to Your Home This Summer

Why You Need to Add a Deck to Your Home This Summer

12th December 2019

One way to breathe new life into a dull yard is by adding a deck. The addition of an outdoor living space greatly improves not only your property value but also your lifestyle.

If you are feeling unsure about this renovation move, we listed up all the reasons why you should add a deck to your home this summer.

Enhances the value of property

When done correctly and with the best quality materials, a deck can considerably boost the value of your property. Although it’s not a benefit that you’ll experience right away, you’ll be very happy about this surge in value when you decide to sell the property. Adding a wooden deck, in particular, will give your property value a massive boost and a significantly larger ROI from your home.

Outdoor patio

Relatively cheap to build

While on the subject of investment, building a deck is not as costly as you think. It is relatively cheaper compared to other home improvement projects. For example, adding a deck to your home is cheaper than renovating the kitchen or installing new flooring around the property. So if you are on a limited budget but want something with a huge impact, a new deck is the way to go.


Having your family and friends come over during the summer holidays is always a great idea. However, the summer heat in Queensland isn’t very conducive to indoor parties and gatherings. The solution? Take them out to your new deck! Entertaining guests on the deck will let everyone else enjoy some nice cool breeze in the afternoon, especially if you live on the Gold Coast or other coastal regions in Queensland.

Here’s a few more tips on how you can renovate to beat the heat.

Entertainment area outside

Additional living space

Another reason to add a deck to your home is the additional livable space that it provides. With some sofas and lounge chairs, you can transform your outdoor deck into an extension of your living room where the family can enjoy some downtime. The deck can also be an alternative place to work or become an outdoor dining area. You can place storage, a barbeque grill, a small kitchen, and even a portable bar. The possibilities are endless.

A New Look for Your Yard

An outdoor deck can upgrade the overall look of your yard. It can turn a plain backyard into a splendid outdoor living space, whether you’re using natural hardwood or stone flooring. The deck can also complement the small garden and beautiful fencing you’ve initially built. If you’re just starting to improve your yard, then a deck can be a very good focal point for the new design of your outdoor space.

Add a Deck with Renovare

Ready to build your deck? If you decide that it’s time to have one for your home, enlist the help of professional builders to ensure the deck is built well.

Renovare can help build quality decks for properties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our professional builders are experts in building decks and have years of experience in improving outdoor spaces.

Call Renovare today on 1300 049 516 or send an enquiry online and start a discussion how to add a deck to your home.

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