Three things to consider when renovating

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At Renovare we use a simple three question formula to help understand your requirements and design the very best renovation solution for you and your family.


The amount of money available to spend on your renovation is perhaps the single most significant factor in working out how much renovation your budget can achieve. With a firm budget in mind, Renovare can work with you to gain the maximum value for your renovation dollar.

We are experts at combining clever design, cost-effective building techniques and materials to achieve great looking renovations that work within your budget.


To help craft the best renovation possible we’ll want to learn a bit more about the sort of lifestyle you and your family lead, or want to lead with the help of a newly renovated home. This is vitally important because in order for your renovation to work it must be designed with the needs of you and your family in mind.

Some examples of questions we may ask include:

  • How do you and your family spend most time together in the home? In front of the TV, playing games or when eating breakfast?
  • What large items or furniture or equipment are essential for your home? For example does a pool table need to fit somewhere? Were you counting on a media room? A wine cellar?
  • Do you need to supervise the screentime of young children? In this case, study alcoves or a children’s retreat may be an option.
  • Do you have elderly relatives or friends who live in the home or visit frequently?

Your land

Even though you have a house on an established block there still likely to be land related issues to consider as part of the renovation. The dimensions of your block will determine whether extensions are possible, while other regulations may restrict your ability to build upward. Zoning and land use considerations may be a factor also, as might be the ability to remove trees or meet local bushfire regulations.

Your Renovare builder will spend time covering each of these key questions during the early phases of your project. The more information you can feed into the process at this stage will help your builder devise a renovation that best fits your budget, your family and your land.

If you are looking to renovate your home, our renovation experts can help you get started. Contact us today or call on 1300 049516.

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