Top Outdoor Living Renovations

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Thanks to the beautiful weather we experience here in Australia, it only makes sense that many of us have an outdoor living or entertainment area. When it comes to outdoor living renovations, the possibilities really are endless, and with a great builder and designer working alongside you, the end product can be the envy of all. If you’re looking at transforming or upgrading your outdoor space, we have a couple of the best outdoor home improvements to get you inspired and your creative juices flowing. From outdoor patio renovations to decking, extending a living space underneath your home or installing an outdoor kitchen, we have it all under control! If you’re interested in knowing more about outdoor living renovations, or you’re ready to start the transformation process, find your nearest Renovare franchise today or call us on 1300 049 516 and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Outdoor Living Renovations Ideas

Outdoor Patio Renovations

Outdoor patios can often look rundown and a little shabby, but with some professional assistance, a facelift could be all it needs. Something that outdoor patio renovations should always include is shelter. In Australia, we often have months of harsh sunlight, and some with constant drizzling – but this doesn’t stop us from wanting to sit in the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Sourcing reclaimed timber to build a striking cover overhead where you can weave vines and greenery creates a beautiful staple to your outdoor patio renovations and keeps the area cool during the warmer months. For more of a Mediterranean look, your current tiles or stones can be removed and replaced with beautiful terracotta tiles, giving you a permanent resort feel.

Extending Your Living Space

As your family grows or you simply need that added space to kick back and relax, extending an outdoor living space holds the utmost convenience. Bring the inside outdoors to give yourself the diversity of dining in or out as you please or host your holiday gatherings in style by designing a stunning outdoor zone. Extending a living space can provide your friends and family the ultimate luxury of being able to move about the space with total ease. Whether you’re transforming the undercover area or looking to install a swimming pool, a change can give your backyard purpose and a focal point. Make sure to do your research when sourcing quality swimming pool builders to help bring your vision to life.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re an avid entertainer and enjoy catering to your guests, installing an outdoor kitchen may be the way to go. Outdoor kitchens can come in all styles and sizes, from a gourmet chef’s kitchen to a hideaway kitchen. When you’re planning to have a kitchen installed outside, you need to take into consideration the materials that are used and whether they are complementary to the weather changes and climate. It’s also important to make sure it’s positioned in the right location. This is why we recommend hiring a builder and designer to walk you through the process of your outdoor kitchen escapades.

Adding a Deck

Transformation projects aren’t subject to only patio renovations as decks and outdoor areas alike are widely used in many homes. Not only are they a lot cooler to handle during the summer months, but they add charm and character to any home when designed the right way. Whether it’s a warm summer afternoon or a glistening spring morning, being able to utilise your deck for whatever occasion makes your time spent outdoors so much more convenient and purposeful. If you’re considering outdoor living renovations, find your nearest Renovare franchise to get in touch with our quality home renovation builders. For more about the best outdoor home improvements, give us a call on 1300 049 516, we’ll be happy to assist!  
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