Bathroom Tiling Ideas: What To Consider

Bathroom Tiling Ideas: What To Consider

16th October 2019

When looking at bathroom tiling ideas for a renovation it’s important to take into consideration a number of things. Tiling is a great way to bring a new life to your bathroom and add value to your property. However, as exciting as a bathroom renovation may sound, this sort of project entails careful planning if you want it to be successful. From the bathroom’s layout to the tiles’ colour and design, each decision is equally important as the other.

If you’re planning to re-tile your bathroom soon, here are some things you might want to start thinking about now.

Tile Colour & Design

This has to be the most fun part: envisioning what your new bathroom will look like. The first thing to think about when tiling a bathroom is the kind of tiles to buy. What colour should you get? What design? Solid colored or printed?

If you have a small bathroom, white or other light-coloured tiles will add the illusion of space to the cramped room. In terms of design, you can cover your bathroom with tiles with the same color, or make a pattern using up to three different designs with a similar colour.

Make sure not to use more than three designs or three colours because it will look distracting and cluttered. If you want a bathroom with a neutral or timeless appearance, then stick to a single tile colour or design.


Bathroom tiles Toowoomba

Tile Layout

Another consideration is the layout of the tiles. The layout will greatly affect what your bathroom will look like. Spacious bathrooms can go for a straight lay, which is very easy to do. However, it’s not ideal if you have a narrow bathroom — the straight grout lines will only make it narrower. In which case, a better layout will be the running bond, the most popular layout for bathrooms.

So, if your bathroom doesn’t have much space, then you may want to consider a diagonal layout. This will make the room appear larger, particularly if you’re buying square tiles.

 Tile Size & Cleaning

Two more things to think about when tiling a bathroom are the tile size and how this will effect cleaning them. These go hand-in-hand as the size of the tiles will not only affect the bathroom’s appearance but also dictate the difficulty in cleaning it. Installing large tiles can look very neat and have fewer grout lines, which make them easier to maintain.

On the other hand, small tiles take more time to install and more effort to clean, but they are stronger and less prone to cracking, unlike bigger tiles.

If you are seriously considering the upkeep, it will be best to buy porcelain or ceramic tiles, which require less maintenance. If cleaning the bathroom isn’t a passion, refrain from installing natural stone tiles as they are porous and much harder to clean.


Tile Grout

This material is important when tiling a bathroom because it fills the gap between the tiles. However, the presence of many grout lines is not particularly appealing to the eye. This is why some renovators prefer large tiles. If you like smaller tiles or even mosaics, pick a grout colour that will be less contrasting with the colour and shade of the tiles. This helps you retain the appearance of the tiles without the distraction of many noticeable grout lines.

Bathroom Tiling Trends

When choosing tiles, you might also want to consider the current trends in bathroom design. Some current trends are light-coloured subway tiles, shaped or textured tiles, hexagon tiles, and matte tiles. Getting inspiration from different home design websites, blogs and of course Pinterest to help you choose the best tiles for your bathroom is a fun and important part of the process.

Take a look at our “Bathroom Design Ideas” board on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Tile Prices

Another key factor to consider when tiling a bathroom is the overall cost your choice of tiles will add to the project more than you realise. The tension between getting the look that you want as well as keeping the project under budget is a tricky balancing act.

Tile prices vary greatly from $12 per square metre for ceramic flooring tiles to $239 per square metre for decorative tiles. Stone, porcelain, stone-bodied, and glass tiles are all expensive compared to vinyl and ceramic tiles, which are the cheapest you can buy in the market. Generally the more costly tiles are also more durable. Because these tiles last for a long time it can help justify the extra expense as replacing tiles regularly is not something you want to be doing. This is especially true for high traffic areas when it comes to floor tiles.

Tiles will quickly add to your bathroom renovation budget so it’s wise to be practical if your tile choice is limiting your budget from a functional perspective.

Bathroom Renovations with Renovare

With the above in mind, you can be a bit more savvy when looking at bathroom tiling ideas online and planning your bathroom renovation. 

Realistically, if you want to achieve optimum results for your bathroom renovation, it’s important to seek out the help of professionals. We’ll bring years of experience to your project which help avoid any pitfalls, make the process smooth and most importantly give you the bathroom you want on budget.

We’d love to talk with you about your bathroom renovation project. Give us a call (1300 049 516) or send us an online enquiry so we can work with you to achieve the bathroom that you’ve always wanted for your home.

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