Adding a Butler’s Pantry to Your Kitchen Renovation

Adding a Butler’s Pantry to Your Kitchen Renovation

27th March 2020

The kitchen becomes the center of the home during dinners parties and all sorts of gatherings. This is where the action is.

And sometimes, no matter how much you’ve spent on remodelling the space, it feels like there isn’t enough place. Not enough space to move or enough privacy to get on with your food prep as your guests liven up the party.

The perfect solution? A butler’s pantry.

What is a Butler’s pantry?

Also called a scullery, a butler’s pantry is a separate room within your kitchen where you can do food preparations and hide away the dirty dishes. More importantly, this area can be closed, so your guests can instead focus on the cleaner main kitchen. A butler’s pantry can also serve as extra storage space for appliances and kitchenware when needed.

A butler’s pantry is a versatile kitchen space that can also have varying sizes. It can be a full-size kitchen, a small room with a wide benchtop, or a spacious walk-in pantry. Whatever the space looks like, its most important feature is the capability to hide the things you don’t want guests to see in the kitchen.

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Reasons to have one

A scullery is a great addition to your home, especially if you need some flexibility in your kitchen. It will give you additional space to use when it gets all busy and you need somewhere to hide the clutters until you can deal with them. Having an extra room where your kids can make a mess while the rest of the kitchen remains tidy will also be a great comfort for the family.

More storage is another good reason to have a butler’s pantry. You can install open shelving, which is more economical, to store all other kitchen stuff that aren’t needed in the main kitchen. If you have a bigger budget, you can also add drawers and cupboards for extra storage. Don’t forget to install a door so you can conveniently hide all the mess when friends suddenly come to call.

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What to think about when designing?

When planning for a butler’s pantry, make sure to consider the number of appliances you’re storing in the room so you can install enough power points. Since this space will be hidden, it’s fine to buy less costly materials, especially if you are on a small budget. You should also install good lighting in the room and, if the kitchen design allows it, a window to let natural light in.

A good space is also important when building a scullery. Remember that it will be your work area, so there should be ample room to move around freely. Make sure that everything is within reach as well. You don’t want to strain yourself even more by making an effort just to get things from the room when you’re already stressed serving guests. According to experts, a good butler’s pantry measures about 1.6 metres by 2.2 metres.


Renovare Chermside's Butler's Kitchen

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The cost of building

If your kitchen has enough room to accommodate it, a simple but functional butler’s pantry should do. Some experts say that with a large scullery, you can expect to spend 30% to 50% of the total cost of your kitchen. Before deciding to include one, make sure to evaluate your budget well and search for the right materials or you’ll end up spending more than you can afford.

Build your Butler’s Pantry with Renovare

A butler’s pantry can be a very useful room to add to your home. If you have a large kitchen and the budget, having a scullery is something you should seriously consider. It’s also a good addition when your home is still in the construction process so the room can be included seamlessly. With a butler’s pantry, you and your family can have great comfort during parties, gatherings, and family occasions.

Should you decide to improve your kitchen, make sure to enlist the help of expert builders like Renovare to make this home addition a success. We can guide you right from the planning stage to the construction process, so you can have the best scullery according to your needs. Our builders have been helping Brisbane and Gold Coast homeowners build their butler’s pantry for years.

Call Renovare today on 1300 049 516 or contact us online and let’s start building a great butler’s pantry for your home.

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