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5 Amazing Home Renovations to Inspire You

Dated homes offer a field of potential when it comes to renovations and transformations, and homeowners may not know that with a few knocked down walls, house lifting, rebuilds and extensions can turn your current home into a dream abode. There’s no need to pack up and move when you can plan amazing home renovations

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Unique Home Additions & Renovations

Home additions are becoming more and more creative as time goes on, and with plenty of time on our hands over the past 12 or so months, unique home additions are popping up all over the place. Thinking outside of the box has never been more prevalent than it is in this day and age,

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Apartment Renovation Ideas

Renovations offer homeowners the opportunity to improve their standard of living, without having to move house. But it can be difficult to know where to start, and how to plan renovations that add value – especially if you don’t want to waste money on unnecessary upgrades. To help you, our team at Renovare have created

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Top Outdoor Living Renovations

Thanks to the beautiful weather we experience here in Australia, it only makes sense that many of us have an outdoor living or entertainment area. When it comes to outdoor living renovations, the possibilities really are endless, and with a great builder and designer working alongside you, the end product can be the envy of

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Vintage style kitchen | Renovare’s Best Home Renovations blog

Renovare’s Best Home Renovations – Our Top Picks

Top 5 Home Renovations to Help Inspire Sunshine Coast Central – Vintage Style Kitchen One of Renovares most extensive kitchen renovations was completed on the Sunshine Coast, with the space boasting gorgeous vintage styled cabinetry with a statement overhead pendant that captures the recycled element of the island bench. This renovation aimed to highlight the

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From concept to handover, we help you achieve your goals with superb design and cost-effective ease.

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