Home Renovations Hit All-Time High – Why Now is a Good Time

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Australia’s economy is in a recession right now which is an effect of COVID-19’s spread in the country and the government’s efforts to stop it. Surprisingly, the number of people undertaking major home renovations is still hitting an all-time high despite the ongoing pandemic.

Australia is amid a home-improvement frenzy and if you’ve been planning to do a home renovation before the pandemic, now is a good time to do it and below are the reasons why.

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More time to renovate

Now that you’re at home and social distancing to keep safe, you have plenty of downtime to take advantage of. You can use this time to search for some inspirations online and find great designs for the living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living space. Don’t make rash decisions and take your time to plan every detail, which you can discuss with your designer later.
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Find architects and designers easily

Home designers and architects are still working from home despite the lockdown. Right now, you’ll see plenty of them advertising their services through social media or online advertisements to get clients. This will make it easier for you to shop at home and find vendors that suit your renovation preferences. Just remember not to hasten your search but take your time instead to find designers and architects with a great reputation and outstanding previous projects.
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Low-interest rates

Because business is not great at them moment, most banks and lenders would offer lower interest rates to borrowers to gain any amount of profit at this time. As you know, a low-interest rate means low monthly repayments on your home renovation loan, which can give you big savings in the long run. You can take advantage of this by doing a home renovation now rather than later.

Get a good deal

Now is a good time to do home renovations because builders and designers are offering good deals. Just like the lenders, home builders and designers are also looking for more clients at this economic slump. You can trust that they are willing to give massive discounts to get your business. You also could probably score a good deal on building materials from suppliers, which will bring down your home renovation cost significantly.

Avoid the rush

Once the curve has flattened, the lockout and social distancing rules have lifted, businesses will pick up for sure. The demand for builders and designers will also increase, making it harder to get their services. If you don’t want to queue up and delay your home renovations further, then better start now while you can get different services right away. Doing so will also avoid you getting caught in a bottleneck of approval requests with the council.

Home Renovations with Renovare

Now is a good time to start your home renovations while services are readily available. However, everyone’s situation is different, and you should only consider starting a new project after careful consideration, especially in this challenging situation we are in. You should also have a renovation project only if it suits your budget and lifestyle.

When you decide to proceed with your home renovations, you can enlist the help of professional builders from Renovare. We specialise in home renovations that will transform your property into the home you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, or whole property renovation; we help you make the right choices to achieve the outcome that you and your family will love completely.

Call Renovare at 1300 049 516 or send us an enquiry online to get started on your home renovations today.

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